I went down to Akron last night with my friend Lauren to meet Peppermint. Contrary to pop­u­lar be­lief, she is not a 45 year old woman with smok­er-voice, frizzy bleached hair, hairy legs and a pen­chant for wear­ing muumuus. She does have a wicked cool apart­ment, a cou­ple of cats and some ta­bles she wants us to take off her hands.

I bribed her with brown­ies, she made us CDs, we ate at Two Amigos and I was so vo­ra­cious­ly hun­gry I think I might have ap­peared a bit churl­ish. I had a Zesty chori­zo bur­ri­to and I “made it wet” by get­ting it doused in chile gua­jil­lo. It was re­al­ly good. The best part of Two Amigos were their chips and sal­sa. I just want­ed to eat the sal­sa witha spoon. For dessert I had a Chocolate Zango, which wasn’t amaz­ing. The dri­ve back was in the teeth of some lake ef­fect snow. It was white out in a few spots. I am tired.

Will Kessel has a good post on an in­fu­ri­at­ing seg­ment done by a lo­cal TV sta­tion that ba­si­cal­ly says if your child us­es Xanga or Livejournal they will get mo­lest­ed by in­ter­net preda­tors. No men­tion, of course, of any ac­tu­al in­ci­dents of this hap­pen­ing, just more Culture of Fear hooha.

6 thoughts on “Peppermint

  1. Churlish?

    and i would have been per­fect­ly fine with it if you licked the sal­sa out of the bowl. 

    i don’t break out the muumuus un­til sum­mer time.

    adam and lau­ren were ex­em­plary vis­i­tors; i en­cour­age all to in­vite them to their homes.

  2. I am here to com­ment that I have been a vic­tim of cen­sor­ship. Apparently, de­spite his procla­ma­tions that there’s noth­ing wrong with blogs, Adam feels the need to mod­er­ate his and delete per­fect­ly on-top­ic com­ments, to save them from the ten­der ears of oth­ers.

    He sucks.

  3. I now deeply re­gret delet­ing the pre­tend pe­dophilic in­ter­net preda­tor com­ment that you left ear­li­er un­der a pseu­do­nym.

  4. i am eat­ing a brown­ie for break­fast. mmmm.good.
    makes me want to go and so­lic­it 12 year olds over the in­ter­net.

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