I went down to Akron last night with my friend Lauren to meet Peppermint. Contrary to popular belief, she is not a 45 year old woman with smoker-​voice, frizzy bleached hair, hairy legs and a penchant for wearing muumuus. She does have a wicked cool apartment, a couple of cats and some tables she wants us to take off her hands.

I bribed her with brownies, she made us CDs, we ate at Two Amigos and I was so voraciously hungry I think I might have appeared a bit churlish. I had a Zesty chorizo burrito and I “made it wet” by getting it doused in chile guajillo. It was really good. The best part of Two Amigos were their chips and salsa. I just wanted to eat the salsa witha spoon. For dessert I had a Chocolate Zango, which wasn’t amazing. The drive back was in the teeth of some lake effect snow. It was white out in a few spots. I am tired.

Will Kessel has a good post on an infuriating segment done by a local TV station that basically says if your child uses Xanga or Livejournal they will get molested by internet predators. No mention, of course, of any actual incidents of this happening, just more Culture of Fear hooha.

6 thoughts on “Peppermint

  1. Churlish?

    and i would have been perfectly fine with it if you licked the salsa out of the bowl.

    i don’t break out the muumuus until summer time.

    adam and lauren were exemplary visitors; i encourage all to invite them to their homes.

  2. I am here to comment that I have been a victim of censorship. Apparently, despite his proclamations that there’s nothing wrong with blogs, Adam feels the need to moderate his and delete perfectly on-​topic comments, to save them from the tender ears of others.

    He sucks.

  3. i am eating a brownie for breakfast. mmmm.good.
    makes me want to go and solicit 12 year olds over the internet.

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