The Dream About People I’ve Not Thought of in Years High School Reunion

I had a dream last night about all the people I was merely acquainted with in high school or the friends I’ve not talked to since high school last night. It is pretty obvious what triggered this, I went through a bunch of my pictures yesterday and put a few up for me to look at. So I saw all of their mugs whilst milling through.

They were all at a party at my aunt’s house in Noblesville. This was the old version of the house, before the additions and before the tornado knocked down the barn. Everyone was hammered and although they mostly looked the same, they were 6 years older and telling me what was new in their lives. One girl was going to Thailand to drink buckets of vodka [I think I pulled that from my friend Lauren’s friend Jef’s blog] and another had just purchased a 1970 Du 2, which my mind knew was some sort of ghetto sled vehicle.

Then some worker’s dismantled the old chicken coop which had been full of port-​a-​pots and suddenly all that was left was a bunch of strange shaped empty glass alcohol containers.