2 Minute Drill

I went to the op­tometrist yes­ter­day and am try­ing out con­tacts. It has been about three years since I last wore con­tacts. I stopped be­cause of weight­ing prob­lems. They’d al­ways spin around and not fit cor­rect­ly. So far these new guys are work­ing well. We’ll see how they stand up to a day in front of the com­put­er though. The doc al­so put di­ala­tor in my eyes, mak­ing me look like some sort of whacked out David Bowie or mar­moset. That stuff makes your eyes re­al­ly re­al­ly tired.

I heard that Martha Stewart got out of jail. I’m hap­py for that be­cause I saw this Jean-Claude Van Damme movie last night where he was in jail and jail doesn’t seem like a very nice place. I bet Martha is a lot tougher now and we’ll see that change re­flect­ed in her home de­signs. Fully con­crete rooms all paint­ed in grey/​green, spoons that dou­ble as files or tun­nel dig­ging in­stru­ments and who could for­get the one-piece jump­suit to fa­cil­i­tate wrestling with your cell­mate. Rowr.

I’m slight­ly peev­ed be­cause my at­tempts at in­volve­ment are be­ing test­ed al­ready. Next Tuesday I’m sup­posed to go in for train­ing for Rocky River Stables, but that same night, at the same time, my block club is hav­ing its month­ly meet­ing and Joe Cimperman is go­ing to be there to talk with us. I think I’m go­ing to call up the sta­bles and see if I can re­arrange a train­ing ses­sion, be­cause I’m lean­ing to­ward the block club meet­ing, so I can meet Cimperman and get a bit bet­ter feel for the guy and his ideas for his ward.

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3 thoughts on “2 Minute Drill

  1. Hey Harvey, it’s Sikorski. Long sto­ry short, I Google’d my name while at work (for pro­fes­sion­al re­search, of course) and hit #14 was your blog en­try about run­ning in­to me in Cleveland about 6 months ago. Funny how things hap­pen. Anyway, just want­ed to drop a line, and my email ad­dress. I hope all is well, and don’t whine about con­tacts un­til you’ve worn the hard gas-per­me­able ones since 7th grade be­cause the on­ly al­ter­na­tive is Coke bot­tle-ish glass­es. Yeah, wel­come to my life. Take care, bud­dy.

  2. Hey man! If you want me to take your name down I will. Don’t want you to get in trou­ble with the SEC. I hope Chi-town is treat­ing you right.

  3. Ha ha! Much like any­body who hears that I work for a gov­ern­ment agency, you think there’s some lev­el of se­cre­cy in­volved. I re­al­ly don’t care where my name pops up on the Internet (with­in rea­son, of course). Leave up the post­ing, it was good read­ing. I just want­ed to keep in touch, and I’ll let you know the next time I come to Ohio. Chi-town is cold, but good. Peace out.

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