Easter Weekend

I went home Friday and had a busy week­end stomp­ing around the old stomp­ing grounds, go­ing to Mass for 2.5 hours, snag­ging a Pizza King piz­za, watch­ing a rug­by game and an­tiquing. Not in that or­der

I bailed from work ear­ly on Friday and made it home around 5 or so, up­on which I was treat­ed to broc­coli cheese soup and gar­licky bread. I then lay around for a bit and went to bed. Saturday dawned and I futzed around for a few hours be­fore go­ing to some an­tique stores in my quest to find a damned din­ing ta­ble. There was a wood­en ta­ble for $32.50 at a lit­tle place down­town, but I had no way to trans­port it up here. I then head­ed for College Corner and stopped at a cou­ple of places there. Still no dice, al­though I saw a work ta­ble that was ex­act­ly what I want­ed in the way of a desk, ex­cept that it was too short in the legs. Instead I spent two dol­lars on 10 clas­sic sci­ence fic­tion books, in­clud­ing a first edi­tion of Philip K. Dick’s Ubik, which I’m go­ing to sell on Ebay.

Then I went to see my friend’s rug­by game at Miami of Ohio. They played in prom dress­es; it was hi­lar­i­ous and mud­dy. The kick­er on Miami’s team was re­al­ly hot too. I had a slice of ‘za with the team af­ter­ward but then had to bail be­cause I had 2.5 hours of church to at­tend. Mass was over around ten and I zonked out im­me­di­ate­ly. Sunday dawned and mom made break­fast piz­za which was rather tasty. I then lay around read­ing some more [the rest of this week will be book re­views] and loaded my car up with my hand carved stone chess set, a bunch of ran­dom clothes, an old stereo with a phono­graph, some old records and my an­tique gum­ball ma­chine that I’d for­got­ten over Christmas. Then I had a tasty Easter din­ner of baked ham, taters au gratin and sug­ar snap peas. Then I did dish­es, hit the road, ar­rived in Cleveland around 6:45, un­loaded all of my crap, had some left­over soup and went the hell to bed.

Now I’m at work.

3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. you roll out bis­cuit dough and mush it in­to a piz­za shape and then put cheese and mush­rooms and eggs and sausage on it and then cook it like a piz­za.

  2. If you can wait a few months, we’ll prob­a­bly be sell­ing our kitchen ta­ble. We got it from an an­tique shop about a year ago, and it’s still in the same shape we bought it in. I’m not sure how much you’re look­ing to spend on a ta­ble, but… it’s a pos­si­b­li­ty at least.

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