March Blogger Meetup Links

These are a few of the fine folks that were at the rather huge blogger/podcasting meet­up. The list is incom­plete, as some peo­ple might’ve signed up after I left. If I mis­spelled your name I apol­o­gize.

Mike Bak­er @ Cleve­land Yucks
Tim Bakke @ Geek Zen
Will Kessel @ Col­li­sion Bend
Bruce Kratofil @ Bug­blog
Chas Rich @ Sar­don­ic Views
Tim Rus­so @ Democ­ra­cy Guy
Lori Kozey @ Vir­tu­al Lori
Jim Fish­er @ Wazopia
Rob Walch @ Pod­cast 411
Kur­tiss Hare @
Martha Lat­tie @ Your Dai­ly Art
Jer­ry Ritcey @ Red Wheel­bar­row
Bill Calla­han @ Cleve­land Diary
John Ettorre @ Work­ing with Words
George Nemeth @ Brewed Fresh Dai­ly
Adam Har­vey @ Organ­ic Mechan­ic
Daniel­la @ Amer­i­can Pink Col­lar
Nate Paige @ Pop Life
Steve Fitzger­ald @ Lake­wood Life & Lake­wood Buzz
Bob Rhubart @ Bob Rhubart’s Weblog

If you were there and I missed you, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I’ll post a recap of our small group dis­cus­sion tomor­row.

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  • Adam,

    I par­tic­i­pat­ed in the same dis­cus­sion group as your­self and I real­ly enjoyed the open mind­ed atmos­phere. Peo­ple were very gen­er­ous with their ideas. Voltaire would have felt right at home.

    I start­ed to read your Blog and loved the links, the Moslem sto­ry stirred a deep sym­pa­thy with­in myself for the young women who must wear the scar­fes and project total­i­tar­i­an faith in a sys­tem that enslaves them.
    The Rap­ture such a dan­ger­ous tool to use. I know that they are doing what they can to sur­vive and that I can not judge their sit­u­a­tion but how many gen­er­a­tions must live through the same ghet­to before some­one leads them on a new path?

  • Hey Adam,

    Long time no speak. When I say ‘long time’ I mean a real­ly freak­ing long time. Where you liv­ing these days, what are you up to?

    I fig­ured I’d drop you a line. I sus­pect you’re hang­ing your hat east side these days and I find my self spend­ing an increas­ing­ly large amount of time out that way, so you should drop me a line.

    I’ve been get­ting into the poet­ry scene a bit. Test­ing the waters, read­ing occa­sion­al­ly, but most­ly just lis­ten­ing and con­sum­ing unhealthy amounts of cof­fee.

    That’s about it, lemme know what’s up and maybe we can kick it some­time.


  • I’ve added you Steve [sor­ry I for­got!] and you as well Daniel­la. I’m glad you man­aged to track my blog down. Thanks for the com­pli­ments.

    Was­sup Nate, I’m liv­ing in Tremont and not doing much oth­er than try­ing to pay off my cred­it card. You’ll have to tell me when you’ve got a poet­ry read­ing. I’ll come snap my fin­gers at you.

  • Adam,

    While I’ve been blog­ging for a while, the March Blogger/Podcast Meet­Up was my first F2F with the local blog­ging com­mu­ni­ty. Great event and a great group of peo­ple! I’m look­ing for­ward to the next event.

    Please add me/my blog to your list:

  • Thanks for the list, Adam, and for facil­i­tat­ing a live­ly dis­cus­sion. I hope oth­ers weigh in with their con­tact info. What a great crowd.

  • I enjoyed the dis­cus­sion and only wished it might have been con­tin­ued. It’s so refresh­ing to engage smart folks. 🙂

  • Hey, just want­ed to say thanks for com­ing out, I real­ly want to do this more often!

    David Lay
    Orga­niz­er, Cleve­land Pod­cast­ing Meet­up Group

  • Hey Adam, I was over facil­i­tat­ing in the oth­er cor­ner of the room with and blog­gers, and I wished spon­ta­neous cloning was real­i­ty so I could be in your cor­ner, too. David, great to meet you and share the Lake­wood ride. BTW, George Nemeth has already sched­uled the next blog­ger meet­up for April 20. Detail on the Meet­up site.

    All the Best,
    Steve FitzGer­ald
    Lake­wood Life blog­ger pub­lish­er

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