March Blogger Meetup Links

These are a few of the fine folks that were at the rather huge blogger/podcasting meetup. The list is incomplete, as some people might’ve signed up after I left. If I misspelled your name I apologize.

Mike Baker @ Cleveland Yucks
Tim Bakke @ Geek Zen
Will Kessel @ Collision Bend
Bruce Kratofil @ Bugblog
Chas Rich @ Sardonic Views
Tim Russo @ Democracy Guy
Lori Kozey @ Virtual Lori
Jim Fisher @ Wazopia
Rob Walch @ Podcast 411
Kurtiss Hare @
Martha Lattie @ Your Daily Art
Jerry Ritcey @ Red Wheelbarrow
Bill Callahan @ Cleveland Diary
John Ettorre @ Working with Words
George Nemeth @ Brewed Fresh Daily
Adam Harvey @ Organic Mechanic
Daniella @ American Pink Collar
Nate Paige @ Pop Life
Steve Fitzgerald @ Lakewood Life & Lakewood Buzz
Bob Rhubart @ Bob Rhubart’s Weblog

If you were there and I missed you, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I’ll post a recap of our small group discussion tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “March Blogger Meetup Links

  1. Adam,

    I participated in the same discussion group as yourself and I really enjoyed the open minded atmosphere. People were very generous with their ideas. Voltaire would have felt right at home.

    I started to read your Blog and loved the links, the Moslem story stirred a deep sympathy within myself for the young women who must wear the scarfes and project totalitarian faith in a system that enslaves them.
    The Rapture such a dangerous tool to use. I know that they are doing what they can to survive and that I can not judge their situation but how many generations must live through the same ghetto before someone leads them on a new path?

  2. Hey Adam,

    Long time no speak. When I say ‘long time’ I mean a really freaking long time. Where you living these days, what are you up to?

    I figured I’d drop you a line. I suspect you’re hanging your hat east side these days and I find my self spending an increasingly large amount of time out that way, so you should drop me a line.

    I’ve been getting into the poetry scene a bit. Testing the waters, reading occasionally, but mostly just listening and consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee.

    That’s about it, lemme know what’s up and maybe we can kick it sometime.


  3. I’ve added you Steve [sorry I forgot!] and you as well Daniella. I’m glad you managed to track my blog down. Thanks for the compliments.

    Wassup Nate, I’m living in Tremont and not doing much other than trying to pay off my credit card. You’ll have to tell me when you’ve got a poetry reading. I’ll come snap my fingers at you.

  4. I enjoyed the discussion and only wished it might have been continued. It’s so refreshing to engage smart folks. 🙂

  5. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for coming out, I really want to do this more often!

    David Lay
    Organizer, Cleveland Podcasting Meetup Group

  6. Hey Adam, I was over facilitating in the other corner of the room with and bloggers, and I wished spontaneous cloning was reality so I could be in your corner, too. David, great to meet you and share the Lakewood ride. BTW, George Nemeth has already scheduled the next blogger meetup for April 20. Detail on the Meetup site.

    All the Best,
    Steve FitzGerald
    Lakewood Life blogger publisher

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