If you’ve noticed the appearance of a couple of mp3 links up top, it is because my new host provides me with 3Gb of transfers per month. I don’t come anywhere near to using this much, so I figured I might as well share some of my bandwidth.

“Guzzle Greed” is a live track recorded at the Barking Spider and is an original work by Clevelander Maura Rogers, a rising star in the local open mic scene.

“Our Love is Weak” comes to you from the very heart of Manhattan by the ever versatile Bård Edlund.

I’ve heard other offerings by these two, and they do good stuff. So DL ’em and give ’em a listen. I’ve room for one more. Phil.

6 thoughts on “Promoter

  1. give me a day or so here. ive got today off, so ill get something all spiffed up, or at least transfered into mp3.

  2. Fabulous might be a bit of an overstatement. The quality wood fires, real dartboard and nice breeze in the summer are counteracted by the fact that a 12oz Guinness is $4 and that Newcastle [while on tap] is served in flimsy plastic cups, and they only take cash.

    Good music though.

  3. ok, now that ive got my song ready, what do i do with it? its a lot heavier, and not at all like the songs taht are up now…just to warn you all!

  4. You can use to send it to me. It is a super simple site that allows you to send attachments of up to 100Mb to someone.

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