If you’ve no­ticed the ap­pear­ance of a cou­ple of mp3 links up top, it is be­cause my new host pro­vides me with 3Gb of trans­fers per month. I don’t come any­where near to us­ing this much, so I fig­ured I might as well share some of my band­width.

“Guzzle Greed” is a live track record­ed at the Barking Spider and is an orig­i­nal work by Clevelander Maura Rogers, a ris­ing star in the lo­cal open mic scene.

“Our Love is Weak” comes to you from the very heart of Manhattan by the ever ver­sa­tile Bård Edlund.

I’ve heard oth­er of­fer­ings by these two, and they do good stuff. So DL ‘em and give ‘em a lis­ten. I’ve room for one more. Phil.

6 thoughts on “Promoter

  1. give me a day or so here. ive got to­day off, so ill get some­thing all spiffed up, or at least trans­fered in­to mp3.

  2. Fabulous might be a bit of an over­state­ment. The qual­i­ty wood fires, re­al dart­board and nice breeze in the sum­mer are coun­ter­act­ed by the fact that a 12oz Guinness is $4 and that Newcastle [while on tap] is served in flim­sy plas­tic cups, and they on­ly take cash.

    Good mu­sic though.

  3. ok, now that ive got my song ready, what do i do with it? its a lot heav­ier, and not at all like the songs taht are up now…just to warn you all!

  4. You can use dropload​.com to send it to me. It is a su­per sim­ple site that al­lows you to send at­tach­ments of up to 100Mb to some­one.

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