April Professor-Thurman-Valley View Block Club Meeting

This was a big meet­ing last night and the up­shot of it is that I fi­nal­ly dis­cov­ered which block club I’m sup­posed to be go­ing to, of­fi­cial­ly. It ain’t this one. No big deal though, be­cause both block clubs have stuff to do with my street and I’ll take any ex­cuse to vis­it Lucky’s.

There was a lot of talk about con­vert­ing the Tremont school in­to a swing school for high school kids. Pretty much every­one at the meet­ing was in agree­ment that Tremont doesn’t need high school kids be­ing served lunch from carts be­tween class­es and hav­ing to use re­strooms and class­rooms built for el­e­men­tary chil­dren in a neigh­bor­hood that has lit­tle enough park­ing space as it is. So, we signed a let­ter, a pe­ti­tion might be com­ing around and we’re sup­posed to make phone calls.

Then Progressive Urban Development put forth the plans for a town­house de­vel­op­ment on the cor­ner of Fruit, Brayton and W. 9th. I was a bit leery of it be­cause mere­ly look­ing at the vinyl-sided town­hous­es on the North Ridge fills me with en­nui. But they said it had an “ex­cit­ing” ar­chi­tec­tur­al de­sign. It turns out the “ex­cit­ing” de­sign isn’t much more than an out­er wall cant­ed at a 15 de­gree an­gle over the street. The town­hous­es will be vinyl-sided and have cor­ru­gat­ed met­al on the cant­ed part. Also, the on­ly green-space will be hid­den on the hill­side and not vis­i­ble from the street. Basically it sounds ug­ly as hell. [Honestly, look at the town­homes on their site. Ugly.] They said the per­mit­ting process hasn’t be­gun yet, and I know my land­lord is un­hap­py with the project. I won­der how the neigh­bors on Brayton feel. No one else from Fruit was there. Maybe be­cause they pre­sent­ed it to the wrong block club.

In slight­ly less antsy news, a fourth grad­er art show is planned in Lincoln Park in the up­com­ing months. I think I’ll prob­a­bly help out with it if I can.

My land­lord called me up af­ter the meet­ing to tell me that I’m sup­posed to be go­ing to the Auburn Block Club which is ap­par­ent­ly the first block club in Cleveland and has some po­lit­i­cal clout [I don’t re­al­ly un­der­stand how a spe­cif­ic block club can have clout, but I’m an ig­no­rant bas­tard]. The Auburn block club meet­ing is to­mor­row and ap­par­ent­ly it is of­ten quite, erm, live­ly. I’m go­ing to go and see what I can see. I brought up the idea of a Tremont dis­cus­sion site [didn’t use the word blog be­cause I didn’t want to ex­plain it to the old­er folks] that is un­af­fil­i­at­ed with any of the lo­cal busi­ness or po­lit­i­cal in­ter­ests. There was a lot of crick­et-like si­lence and a few mur­murs from you-in-the-back but we’ll see how the Auburnites feel about it.