Man. I had the weird­est frick­ing dream I’ve had in recent mem­o­ry last night. All last night. One con­ti­nous dream bro­ken by my typ­i­cal 3am ris­ing for some­thing to drink. Yeesh.

I don’t remem­ber how it start­ed, I know there was some­thing before what I remem­ber yet I can­not recall it. I’m in a hall­way under­ground fight­ing. I have awe­some hand to hand skills and I break a guy’s neck and crush his skull with my boot. I rip the mandible off of anoth­er guy. I run upstairs and there is a female midget with a knife. I don’t kill her, just smash her face and move on. I turn around as she says “You should’ve killed me when you had the chance” and throws a 10″ chef’s knife at my legs. I run away from it and sud­den­ly change direc­tion. It pass­es me by, changes direc­tion and comes for my throat. I cross my arms in front of my face and deflect it. I think I’ve sur­vived but she laughs and I see that my wrists have been sliced open. I run down­stairs, hold­ing them togeth­er and the blood flows from one wrist to the oth­er. I pass out and wake up as a small child with ban­daged hands in a thin-walled house in a poor and run-down neigh­bor­hood. I won­der what hap­pened to the midget, but I get up and go into the kitchen where my dad is smok­ing. He yells at me and I make myself some toast­ed o’s with milk. The cere­al is full of bugs. The cere­al is cold but when I bite into the bugs they are very hot. I get yelled at again and go out to ride my bike. I get beat­en up by some neigh­bor kids and they tell me if I go home I’ll get killed by a mon­ster. Now I’m in my old room and it is very dark. A brown dark. I’m in my bed but it is too short for me and two of my friends are in my old bed they are like the grand­par­ents from Willy Won­ka. Anoth­er friend is sleep­ing on my desk, which is also a bed. This girl desk friend asks me if I have a boyfriend and then kiss­es me. I leave to fol­low my boss to work but end up head­ing to the home that will kill me if I enter it. I enter it and as I walk through the kitchen I think I’ve escaped but then some­one sit­ting behind me chuck­les evil­ly, I turn around and the alarm goes off and I woke up.

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  • adam.


    per­haps sal­sa-ing will light­en up your dreams.

    last night i had a dream where i got into it with a chic, and i dunked her head over and over into a toi­let bowl full of urine. she was much pudgi­er and stronger than me. but blast my ego, i won. and it felt good…as good as dunk­ing chic’s head in urine might feel awake. 😉

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