Cleveland Poetry

The weekend is here and in celebration, I’m going to put together as much Cleveland Poetry [and perhaps a bit of music] information as possible. Maybe you can catch something on the flip side.

From the Cleveland Scene:

Poetry/​Open Mic Nights

Arabica Coffeehouse (Bedford)
720 Broadway
Open Mic hosted by Dave Terry, 7pm every Thursday

Arabica Coffeehouse (Cleveland)
818 E. 185th
Open Mic, 8pm every Saturday

Arabica Coffeehouse (Cleveland Hts.)
2209 Lee
Open Mic hosted by Charlie Mosbrooks, 8pm every Tuesday

Arabica Coffeehouse (University Circle)
11300 Juniper
Open Mic hosted by Steve2​.net, every Wednesday

B-​side Lounge
2785 Euclid Hts.
Open Mic hosted by Xela, 7:30pm every Monday

Lucky’s Café
777 Starkweather
Open Poetry with Russ Vidrick, every 2nd Saturday 5pm-​7pm

Many more can be found along the right hand side of this page. It would probably be best to call them first, since I don’t know the last time any of those were updated.

Poetastic Linkage:

There is a Cleveland Poetry Meetup Group whose next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 8:00 PM.

The Cleveland Poetics Yahoo! Group seems to be the best bet in regard to up-​to-​the-​minute inside information. Looks active!

Deep Cleveland is a local LLC that has the very cool Kid Poet program as well as publishing local writers and encouraging people to be graphomaniacs.

The Cleveland State Poetry Center has tons of more academically toned poetry stuff going on.

Despite their terrible website poets’ and writers’ league of greater cleveland offers a ton of classes and workshops for aspiring writers of all kinds. Hey, when you’re busy writing, you don’t have time to pimp out a site.

The Lakewood Public Library has its own poetry stuff going on as well.

Cleveland Poets:

Now the exciting part! Cleveland poets!

Michael Salinger:

it was like
accidentally interrupting your mother
while she chowed down on a human forearm
you never talk about it

Don Iannone:

fire engine red sunset
my heart burns out of control
life’s hills disappear

Sara Holbrook:

Will my ears grow long as Grandpa’s?
What makes us look like kin?
Tell me where’d I get long eyelashes
and where’d I get my chin?

Lauren Spisak:

This fragile sculpture
of feather and bone
is craft unraveling,
shock uncurling
towards some heaven.

With all of this poetry stuff going on, I’m kind of bummed that I’ve only received one poem submission for my contest.

Who/​What did I forget on this list?

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