I’m going to learn myself some poetry and poetics this month, it being National Poetry Month and all… I’m going to inflict upon you my learnings and the path I tread along the way. I came across this great haiku link awhile back, and have been browsing it ever since. Most of the content is provided by Jane Reichhold.

Reading Field and some of the haiku in that link, I’ve realized that I’m quite out of practice writing haiku. Probably even more out of practice nailing that specific and appropriate ande lively phrase that makes a haiku worth reading. The last haiku I wrote:

a gust
the gull
corrects its flight

gives a specific and appropriate phrase but has no life or juxtaposition or movement behind it. Alas.

These erotic haiku, on the other hand, are quite lively indeed:

Making love
the Jack-​o-​lantern also
grins in the dark

One of my favorite haiku is from my favorite poet, Richard Brautigan:

Widow’s Lament

It’s not quite cold enough
to go borrow some firewood
from the neighbors

You can even listen to him read some of his poems, and this one in particular, if you click on this mp3 link [6.13MB]. Widow’s Lament is 3min 10sec into the file.