I’m go­ing to learn my­self some po­et­ry and po­et­ics this mon­th, it be­ing National Poetry Month and all… I’m go­ing to in­flict up­on you my learn­ings and the path I tread along the way. I came across this great haiku link awhile back, and have been brows­ing it ever since. Most of the con­tent is pro­vid­ed by Jane Reichhold.

Reading Field and some of the haiku in that link, I’ve re­al­ized that I’m quite out of prac­tice writ­ing haiku. Probably even more out of prac­tice nail­ing that speci­fic and ap­pro­pri­ate an­de live­ly phrase that makes a haiku worth read­ing. The last haiku I wrote:

a gust
the gull
cor­rects its flight

gives a speci­fic and ap­pro­pri­ate phrase but has no life or jux­ta­po­si­tion or move­ment be­hind it. Alas.

These erotic haiku, on the oth­er hand, are quite live­ly in­deed:

Making love
the Jack-o-lantern al­so
grins in the dark 

One of my fa­vorite haiku is from my fa­vorite po­et, Richard Brautigan:

Widow’s Lament

It’s not quite cold enough
to go bor­row some fire­wood
from the neigh­bors

You can even lis­ten to him read some of his po­ems, and this one in par­tic­u­lar, if you click on this mp3 link [6.13MB]. Widow’s Lament is 3min 10sec in­to the file.

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