Poor Man’s Pilaf

1/2 C. brown rice
2 C. water
1 C. frozen mixed veg­eta­bles
1 T. bal­sam­ic vine­gar
1/2 T. extra vir­gin olive oil
what­ev­er spices

1. Cook the rice in an uncov­ered pot. This method works excel­lent­ly. Thank you, Patrick.
2. Cook the veg­eta­bles in anoth­er pot, cov­er and sim­mer once it boils.
3. When every­thing is cooked, com­bine it in a bowl, add the bal­sam­ic vine­gar, olive oil, and spices, cov­er with anoth­er bowl and shake vig­or­ous­ly.

I used to eat this all the time in col­lege, high ener­gy, healthy, light and tasty. I’m start­ing to eat it more often now that I’m run­ning again.

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  • You know what would be excel­lent. Try pan-fry­ing (or grilling) the veg­gies instead. That carmeliza­tion from the process would def. improve the fla­vor and not add any fat. My only prob­lem with boiled veg­gies is that, as you boil, alot of that good veg­gie fla­vor is actu­al­ly being lost in the water you are boil­ing them in (for an extreme exam­ple, think of eat­ing a veg­gie after you’ve made a stock. it’d be tast­less). You could also steam them, that would help, but grilling or such would be the best way to go 🙂

  • This sounds good, I will add gar­lic saute and mush­rooms all kinds to give it a woodsy tex­ture. Bal­sam­ic vine­gar is also great to use when stir fry­ing red pep­pers to go with any dish as a side. The secret is not to use too much. Like all things some­times less is more.

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