Three by Bukowski

All of these are from The Last Night of the Earth Poems by Charles Bukowski.

air and light and time and space

 – you know, I’ve either had a family, a job,
something has always been in the
but now
I’ve sold my house, I’ve found this
place, a large studio, you should see the space and
the light.
for the first time in my life I’m going to have
a place and the time to

no baby, if you’re going to create
you’re going to create whether you work
16 hours a day in a coal mine
you’re going to create in a small room with 3 children
while you’re on
you’re going to create with part of your mind and your body blown
you’re going to create blind
you’re going to create with a cat crawling up your
back while
the whole city trembles in earthquake, bombardment,
flood and fire.

baby, air and light and time and space
have nothing to do with it
and don’t create anything
except maybe a longer life to find
new excuses

the bluebird

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too tough for him,
I say, stay in there, I’m not going
to let anybody see

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I pour whiskey on him and inhale
cigarette smoke
and the whores and the bartenders
and the grocery clerks
never know that
in there.

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too tough for him,
I say,
stay down, do you want to mess
me up?
you want to screw up the
you want to blow my book sales in

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes
when everybody’s asleep.
I say, I know that you’re there,
so don’t be

then I put him back,
but he’s singing a little
in there, I haven’t quite let him
and we sleep together like
with our
secret pact
and it’s nice enough to
make a man
weep, but I don’t
weep, do

poetry contest

send as many poems as you wish, only
keep each to a maximum of ten lines.
no limit as to style or content
although we prefer poems of
double space
with your name and address in the
upper left hand
editors not responsible for
without s.a.s.e.
every effort
will be made to
judge all works within 90
after careful screening
the final choices will be made by
Elly May Moody,
general editor in charge.
please enclose ten dollars for
each poem submitted.
a final grand prize of
seventy-​five dollars will
be awarded the winner
of the
Elly May Moody Golden Poetry
along with a scroll
signed by
Elly May Moody.
there will also be 2nd, 3rd and
4th prize scrolls
also signed by
Elly May Moody.
all decisions will be
the prize winners will
appear in the Spring issue of
The Heart of Heaven.
prize winners will also receive
one copy of the magazine
along with
Elly May Moody’s
latest collection of
The Place Where Winter

3 thoughts on “Three by Bukowski

  1. I posted some Bukowski not too long ago…he’s so good for an angered soul. And I have to say, I give Modest Mouse a little credit for forcing him out there into the light of the masses.

  2. Modest Mouse weren’t the first pop band. There’s a Chili Peppers lyric that goes:
    “Sitting on the porch
    Cause I lost my house key
    Pick up a book
    I read Buckowski”

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