Wedding Week II

I have returned to snowy Cleve­land. Yes, I said snowy. After an eight hour dri­ve from Eff­in­g­ham, IL the last thing I want­ed to come home to was slushy snow and a 50° apart­ment. Any­way. The wed­ding.

My old high school friend, Miller aka Cup­cake aka Mon­ey is prob­a­bly the most suc­cess­ful of our group. He went to Rose-Hul­man Insi­tute of Tech­nol­o­gy aka RHIT aka Rich Hus­bands in Train­ing and has used his engi­neer­ing degree to pur­chase a house and 20 acre lot, a boat for the lake and a nice hon­ey­moon in Jamaica. Which is all weird, because he’s still the same old mum­ble­tongued goof­ball that I wore togas to school with and delib­er­at­ly rent­ed extreme­ly shit­ty porn with.

And now he is mar­ried. His new­ly­wed wife is both pret­ty and nice and has a humon­gous fam­i­ly. I got to see my pal Andy and my good pal Macal­is­ter for the first time in sev­er­al years. Andy is going to be an optometrist and Macal­is­ter is fin­ish­ing up sev­er­al years of culi­nary school. Sort of makes me feel like a big goof.

Any­way, Mac set me up to dance with one of the Brian’s wife’s cousins. She was pret­ty and nice and total­ly just humor­ing Mac by danc­ing with me. Then my arm got clocked by Miller’s grand­moth­er and I spilt a tiny bit of mer­lot on her white sweater thingy. Oh man. She was nice enough about it, but we didn’t have any club soda to remove it.

We sang You’ve Lost that Lov­ing Feel­ing as per usu­al. 🙂 One wed­ding left!

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  • You sang “You’ve Lost That Lov­ing Feel­ing” at a wed­ding? Man, old habits do die hard.

    Well, it’s good to hear every­one is doing well.

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