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Méliès the Magician

It isn’t often I do a DVD review, but then, when what I’m reviewing is a bunch of stuff from the beginning of the 20th century, I guess you have to make do. I finally sat down and watched all of Méliès the Magician a DVD that has been resting on my television for quite […]

Wrecking Crews

If I were in the following situations I would want the following entities as a part of my wrecking crew to get the job done. 1. Destroying a large meteor that is hurtling toward earth. • John Henry the Steeldriving Man • Buzz Aldrin • Psyduck Buzz flies us to the meteor, John Henry proceeds […]


I’m back in the saddle but not riding far yet. My throat has gone from red giant to white dwarf and I’m sort of always tired, but I think that is because I lost a few pounds in my deletrious delerious weekend.

Mono My Ass

I’ve been flat on my ass since Thursday, throat so swollen that I could barely swallow a Tylenol. So, I’ve not eaten since Thursday either. I’d write more but I don’t have the energy. I’ve started dreaming about donuts and macaroni and cheese.

Wal-Mart Cognitive Dissonance

From a Plain Dealer Editorial: There’s much to criticize about Wal-Mart’s business practices, but let’s be honest: Wal-Mart is already in this market. City residents regularly trek to its suburban stores. Why shouldn’t they be able to shop closer to home – in stores that employ their neighbors and pay taxes to support city services […]

Blogger Meetup and Grovewood Tavern

The Blogger Meetup was last night, and when we got most of the gossip out of the way, we started in on Wal-Mart and possibly using this issue, which a few of us feel quite strongly on, to test our efficacy as a blogging community. See if we can’t make a difference instead of just […]


I don’t want to make this blog about Cleveland. That is why I started Tremonter. But, I live in Cleveland and I’m constantly putting myself in positions where people are talking about Cleveland. So, I’m getting Cleveland on the brain. Which is funny, since I don’t care for any of the sports teams, go downtown […]

The Cyberiad by Stanisław Lem

Polish science fiction was new to me. Stanisław Lem is great. His Cyberiad is appropriately subtitled Fables for a Cybernetic Age and concerns itself with two wily constructors, Trurl and Klapaucius, who are just stupid enough to get into all kinds of scrapes, and just smart enough to get the best of everyone in the […]

Old Page Designs

In the process of tranferring stuff from computer to computer and from zip disk to computer, I stumbled across a bunch of saved page redesigns from back in 2002 when I was first teaching myself HTML and CSS. So I snitched some screenshots and here they are for you to laugh at.

Evening [experiment]

three kestrels are towing the sun about the wide smile sky magisterially as it were their insistent incessant incandescence that made it atomic in the first place Horus’ houris herding old sol— who is always still grouchy like a watery-eyed man telling kids off his lawn aiming for evening not evening.

Iodine Tang

Like anyone cares to hear about someone else’s medical stuff. I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. I had a CT scan on my abdomen yesterday. This began with consuming a litre of a tang and iodine solution and ended with me pulling my pants up. If this sounds like certain movies you’ve […]


Adam is now doing it again. Yes, it. If you’ve known me for awhile then you still might not know what it is since I’m being deliberately vague, but as soon as I describe what it is you’ll probably get really bored.


Got my bloodwork back. Low platelet count, which, coupled with my symptoms, indicates something wigged out in the spleen. I checked out the symptoms for mono, and a lot of them match up, except I don’t have a sore throat, swollen lymph glands or lethargy, and the headaches and fever are long gone. Anyway, I […]

New Computer

I got my new computer in the mail the other day. I saved around $500 by purchasing it through my employer’s discount program. Some specs past the jump.

More Morsels

Went to the doctor, getting some blood tests, he don’t know what it be that be swelling inside of me. Nexium is about five bucks per pill. Got my new computer, didn’t get system disks or the OS disk sent with it. Instead, some sort of utility partition that takes up 10 gigs of my […]

Riversweep 2005

I’ve been feeling weirdly sickly lately. Recurring headaches, a pain in my side, vague feverishness, no appetite. I still hauled my ass out of bed to do the Riversweep today. We cleaned up a lot a lot of crap. I didn’t realize Tremont was still so scuzzy around the edges. After, I came back to […]

Set Game

When I have offspring they shall not play the banal form of concentration that most of us played when we were knee high to a grasshopper. They shall play Set. This is a matching game that gives your brain a serious workout. A set is determined by grouping three cards according to four different categories […]


I saw Santo versus Frankenstein’s Daughter last night as a part of SynthCleveland’s Unsilent Films series. It wasn’t as bad as I’d heard, and while unbelievably crummy, the fact that each new scene was like the beginning of a different porn plot [night in the woods, chained masked guy in a dungeon, girl locked up […]

First Thoughts on Tremonter

I’m heartened by the initial response I’ve gotten with Tremonter. I’ve received an email from a professional photographer who would like to take some pictures for me, an email from a Tremont resident who has B&W photos that she’s willing to have posted, encouragement from fellow bloggers and most importantly, visitors I’ve never heard of.

4th Annual Poetry Contest Results

The 4th Annual Organic Mechanic Poetry Contest is over. The results are in and Everybody Wins a Mix CD. I received so few entries this year that I decided everyone wins. There is still Mega-Jumbo-Super-Happy-Joy-Sauerkraut Grand Prize winner but all the other entries are now ROFLMAO-Indigo-Kielbasa-Opium-Heavenly-N-People-Tied-For-First-Runner-Up First Runners Up. Details past the hippityhopotamus.

Johnny Mango’s

I ate at Johnny Mango’s. In my complicated inner ratio of quantity and taste versus price they score very highly. It also helped that I’d not had much to eat beforehand. I plowed through my plate like those dogs in kibble commercials. Well, maybe not that bad. I got the Mushroom, Tomato, Garlic Burrito Big […]

Emily Strand

Emily Strand played at the Barking Spider last night. It was a good show despite the fact that I was almost asphyxiated by cigarette smoke. I bought her CD for a couple of fivers, found out she works for the University of Dayton and surprised her [I think] by requesting Voodoo Doll [mp3]. She played […]