Blogger Meetup and Grovewood Tavern

The Blogger Meetup was last night, and when we got most of the gossip out of the way, we started in on Wal-Mart and possibly using this issue, which a few of us feel quite strongly on, to test our efficacy as a blogging community. See if we can’t make a difference instead of just talking. If you’d like to join in, a good first resource is over at Democracy Guy. There is an informational and organizational meeting next Wednesday at the Treehouse. I also ate at the Grovewood Tavern, Beer, Food and free WiFi. I got a Bison Steak Sandwich with spicy mayo, cheese, romaine lettuce and baby beefsteaks and house fries for $8.50. I also had a He’Brew, The Chosen Beer.

5 thoughts on “Blogger Meetup and Grovewood Tavern

  1. I’ve actually had a He’Brew beer. I can’t remember the exact’s their pale ale. I kept the box around so my mother-in-law could get a kick out of it. It was o-kay. Certainly not bad by any stretch, but I haven’t felt compelled to buy another 6 pack or anything.

    How was the bison steak? it sounds yummy.

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