This was in­spired by a com­ment by Jef, else­where. Workshop away, o my broth­ers.

I’m so dizzy
my head is spin­ning
like a whirlpool and
Rumi leaps past me
like some
he is drunk
again; or al­ways
and the wind whips
his au­guries
dev­ils. He
keeps shout­ing
non­sense. Drunk I
tell you. He’s been
danc­ing for two days now
I don’t think he’ll
ever stop. I slept
last night and
woke with a
dream caught
in my throat like
a bit of sand. Rumi spun
by, white eyes white teeth
white hair like a dead bush
spin­ning, a cup of wine in
each hand shout­ing still
laugh­ing. SHUT UP
old man you make
me ill I can’t
keep up with
you You
must be drunk.
Don’t you know there
are li­ons in these hills?

7 thoughts on “Dervish

  1. That rocks, Adam.

    I like the vi­su­al whirl of the po­em too – and yet you don’t ru­in it with bad­ly-cho­sen line­breaks or any­thing by try­ing to get the form to look like that.


  2. some­what un­re­lat­ed, you do know the first three lines of the po­em are from Vic Reeves song ‘Dizzy’ (or was that the point?)

    I just kept want­i­ng to sing “..and it’s you, girl, mak­ing it spin. You’re mak­ing me Dizzy”

    This is not a crit­i­cism. I just found it amus­ing.

  3. while it was in­ten­tion­al, i’m not sure the filched lyrics work with the rest of the po­em, which I liked. The ref­er­ence seemed too forced and un­re­lat­ed. Unless I am miss­ing some­thing.

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