Emily Strand

Emi­ly Strand played at the Bark­ing Spi­der last night. It was a good show despite the fact that I was almost asphyx­i­at­ed by cig­a­rette smoke. I bought her CD for a cou­ple of fivers, found out she works for the Uni­ver­si­ty of Day­ton and sur­prised her [I think] by request­ing Voodoo Doll [mp3]. She played a bunch of songs, includ­ing a good cov­er of Huey Lewis and the News’s Pow­er of Love. She is tal­ent­ed and pret­ty and I hope she comes back to Cleve­land some­time.

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  • The Pow­er of Love’ is one of Pat’s favorite songs. He is a clos­et Huey Lewis fan.

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