Johnny Mango’s

I ate at John­ny Mango’s. In my com­pli­cat­ed inner ratio of quan­ti­ty and taste ver­sus price they score very high­ly. It also helped that I’d not had much to eat before­hand. I plowed through my plate like those dogs in kib­ble com­mer­cials. Well, maybe not that bad. I got the Mush­room, Toma­to, Gar­lic Bur­ri­to Big Plate and we had fried plan­tains for our appe­tiz­er. The whole meal was what my friend Macal­is­ter was talk­ing about last week, a quest for the per­fect bite. I’m sure I’ll head back there some­time, most like­ly on a night not quite so busy.

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  • Adam,

    I was plan­ning to have din­ner there last night. Got myself all ready even had a map, don’t laugh at me for that, I get lost with or with­out directions…anyway at the last moment I changed my mind. Shows that some­times it is best to stick to your orig­i­nal plan. It feels much bet­ter to know you had a real meal.

  • Good luck on find­ing the Man­go not busy 😉 THough I imag­ine a Sat or so is extro­d­i­nar­i­ly busy, they are often *hop­ping*

    Their fried plan­tains are amaz­ing 🙂 The one thing off their dish I wasn’t able to crib and learn to make at home. But I think that’s due to my lim­i­ta­tion of “no deep fry­ing”

    I should have known you like them. Genevieve and I usu­al­ly split a big plate and 1 oth­er side. So I should have fig­ured that would be a good por­tion size for you 😉

  • i like john­ny mango’s. i live a lit­tle bit away, but i like to eat there when i’m in that neck of the woods. i am a veg­e­tar­i­an and they always have great options for me. plus they make a tasty moji­to!

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