Mono My Ass

I’ve been flat on my ass since Thursday, throat so swollen that I could bare­ly swal­low a Tylenol. So, I’ve not eat­en since Thursday ei­ther. I’d write more but I don’t have the en­er­gy. I’ve start­ed dream­ing about donuts and mac­a­roni and cheese.

6 thoughts on “Mono My Ass

  1. Um Adam, me­thinks you need to have that looked at ASAP. I can on­ly hope that you’re drink­ing plen­ty of flu­ids. Not to make you feel worse or any­thing, but I ate a Bibbler’s yes­ter­day and I al­most or­dered your 2×4, you need to make a vis­it soon­er or lat­er if noth­ing else to eat that. I’ve heard some ru­mors that CJ’s might be open by the end of the sum­mer, I’ll keep you up­dat­ed on that. Hope you’re feel­ing bet­ter soon.

  2. I saw the doc, jmay, he looked at my throat and told me to go home and sleep and drink lots of wa­ter.

    Chas, the He’brew didn’t do it. My throat was al­ready hurt­ing a lit­tle that day.

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