New Computer

I got my new com­put­er in the mail the oth­er day. I saved around $500 by pur­chas­ing it through my employer’s dis­count pro­gram. Some specs past the jump.

It is a Dell Inspiron 6000 note­book with a 15.4WUXGA mon­i­tor, 1.6Ghz, 1Gb of RAM on 1 DIMM and 80Gb HD, in­ter­nal wire­less and an 8x DVD/​RW CD/​RW. It weighs 12.6 pounds. I’m pleased with it on all counts but the one I de­scribed yes­ter­day, in re­gard to the sys­tem disks. I thought I was go­ing to have to make my own crossover ca­ble to trans­fer files from my di­nosaur desk­top to the note­book, but I man­aged to scrounge one up from the tech guys at work. After I got it run­ning cor­rect­ly [I had to re­do most of the net­work hooha] the files just zipped be­tween com­put­ers. There was some er­ror­ing since I was copy­ing too much at on­ce, so I had to go back and do it all again in small­er chunks.

Live and learn. My apart­ment is full of wires, ran­dom in­stal­la­tion disks, and old de­crepit tech. I found saved ver­sions of most of my old site de­signs, which I’ll take screen shots of and post here even­tu­al­ly, and every one of my col­lege pa­pers on some zip disks. I’m go­ing to be get­ting rid of so much crap by the time sum­mer rolls around. I al­so fi­nal­ly bought a frame for my Spencer Tunick print and hung it on the wall. I’ve ob­vi­ous­ly been fo­cus­ing more en­er­gy on Tremonter as of late. OMGWTFBBQ, the la­dy in the cube next to me has been cough­ing like bron­chi­tis for two straight days.

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  1. i bought a new com­put­er yes­ter­day too. i got it at good­will for 19.99. its a mac power­book g3, with 346 mb ram and a 16 gb hard­drive. not bad for 19.99!

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