Got my blood­work back. Low platelet count, which, cou­pled with my symp­toms, in­di­cates some­thing wigged out in the spleen. I checked out the symp­toms for mono, and a lot of them match up, ex­cept I don’t have a sore throat, swollen lymph glands or lethar­gy, and the headaches and fever are long gone. Anyway, I go in for a CT scan on my spleen to­mor­row and more blood­work Friday. I’ve got a $500 de­ductible, so this is go­ing to hurt.

2 thoughts on “Spleen

  1. can they do a blood test for mono be­fore they do a catscan? it could pos­si­bly save you a few hun­dred dol­lars if it is, in fact, mono. 

    i’m send­ing send you warm, fuzzy healthy vibes…sometimes they work. =)

  2. al­so adam, if you want to, send me your symp­toms and i’ll for­ward them to my broth­er – he’s a doc who loves do­ing re­search based on symp­toms, and he’ll do it for free. 

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