Big Mike’s Gourmet Sausage and Biscuit

Now that I am fully recovered from my sickness, I’ve restarted my exploration of the refrigerated vendy downstairs. This morning I bought Big Mike’s Gourmet Sausage and Biscuit for $1.50.

This breakfast sandwich wasn’t all that bad, it tasted like sausage-flavored butter. All-in-all, a bit like your average McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, minus all the paper waste and the smell that attaches to your clothing like a dog humping your leg. Weighing in at a macho 3.2 ounces [91g], Big Mike’s Sausage and Biscuit provides the consumer with 336 calories [213 from fat] 24g of total fat [8g saturated] 26mg of cholesterol, 1001mg of sodium, 24g of carbs, 9g of protein and 14% of the RDV of iron.

Best, Big Mike’s sandwiches are hand made! [On a conveyor belt] You can even order some online. I wouldn’t recommend it though. My Big Mike’s was distributed by V.W.C. Incorporated, out of London, OH. The only thing I could find out about them is that they are government contractors. So who knows what kind of test hormones have been injected into their sammiches…

3 thoughts on “Big Mike’s Gourmet Sausage and Biscuit

  1. dear adam,

    i thought of you recently because i met a graduate of wheaton college, and i asked her about the cs lewis collection…bringing back old and unpolished memories of the inklings course.

    i hope you are well, and i’d love to hear how you’re doing sometime.

    your site looks wonderful.

    take care,

    ps. have you watched the crow lately?

  2. Kate! I’ve thought of you twice recently. Once when I heard that Taco Bell had finally agreed to pay the Immolokee folks something more deserving, and then again yesterday when I told a friend about A Silver Mount Zion.

    I’ll try to remember to send you an email.

  3. Agreed, I’ve turned co workers on to these. They are a treat. Weve even ordered them on line for the home freezer.

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