Big Mike’s Gourmet Sausage and Biscuit

Now that I am ful­ly recov­ered from my sick­ness, I’ve restart­ed my explo­ration of the refrig­er­at­ed vendy down­stairs. This morn­ing I bought Big Mike’s Gourmet Sausage and Bis­cuit for $1.50.

This break­fast sand­wich wasn’t all that bad, it tast­ed like sausage-fla­vored but­ter. All-in-all, a bit like your aver­age McDonald’s break­fast sand­wich, minus all the paper waste and the smell that attach­es to your cloth­ing like a dog hump­ing your leg. Weigh­ing in at a macho 3.2 ounces [91g], Big Mike’s Sausage and Bis­cuit pro­vides the con­sumer with 336 calo­ries [213 from fat] 24g of total fat [8g sat­u­rat­ed] 26mg of cho­les­terol, 1001mg of sodi­um, 24g of carbs, 9g of pro­tein and 14% of the RDV of iron.

Best, Big Mike’s sand­wich­es are hand made! [On a con­vey­or belt] You can even order some online. I wouldn’t rec­om­mend it though. My Big Mike’s was dis­trib­uted by V.W.C. Incor­po­rat­ed, out of Lon­don, OH. The only thing I could find out about them is that they are gov­ern­ment con­trac­tors. So who knows what kind of test hor­mones have been inject­ed into their sam­mich­es…

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  • dear adam,

    i thought of you recent­ly because i met a grad­u­ate of wheaton col­lege, and i asked her about the cs lewis collection…bringing back old and unpol­ished mem­o­ries of the inklings course.

    i hope you are well, and i’d love to hear how you’re doing some­time.

    your site looks won­der­ful.

    take care,

    ps. have you watched the crow late­ly?

  • Kate! I’ve thought of you twice recent­ly. Once when I heard that Taco Bell had final­ly agreed to pay the Immolo­kee folks some­thing more deserv­ing, and then again yes­ter­day when I told a friend about A Sil­ver Mount Zion.

    I’ll try to remem­ber to send you an email.

  • Agreed, I’ve turned co work­ers on to these. They are a treat. Weve even ordered them on line for the home freez­er.

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