Canada 2005

This trip to Canada was a good one, de­spite some mi­nor in­con­ve­niences. Much good food was eat­en [I’ve re­gained all the weight I lost through mono], many many fish were caught, and I even man­aged to get a lit­tle sun­tan.

The dri­ve was a bit gru­el­ing, but then, it al­ways is. Nothing sim­ple about a 20 hour dri­ve. We stopped at Gander Mountain in Duluth, to buy some tack­le [they had free wire­less, but I didn’t get a chance to post any­thing] and for din­ner we ate, on­ce again, at The Sawmill Saloon & Restaurant, a ver­i­ta­ble oa­sis of young, hot wait­ress­es, be­fore skedad­dling up to International Falls and Fort Frances. [The Duty Free store in International Falls had free wire­less too.] After we crossed the bor­der to Fort Frances we drove about a block to our old ha’nt, the Makabi Inn. We made it to Ejay’s [now un­der new man­age­ment, and called JR’s] at about noon the next day, un­load­ed every­thing in the bright sun and went fish­ing. Within five min­utes of cast­ing the first line in the wa­ter, my un­cle caught a 19 inch walleye. It was hot.

Of course, the next three days it rained the en­tire time. But with the fish­ing as ex­cel­lent as it was we kind of for­got about be­ing cold and clam­my and wet. We stopped fish­ing to eat and stopped eat­ing to fish, and let me tell you, I packed it away all week long. Toward the end of the week my ap­petite re­turned to nor­mal and I de­cid­ed I must have fi­nal­ly got­ten back to nor­mal Adam-weight.

The new camp own­er was a re­al­ly nice guy, but he’s gonna need some help. It isn’t easy to run a camp all by your­self. He’s got some up­grades in mind though, one of which is wire­less in­ter­net. Imagine that, wire­less in­ter­net an hour from the near­est town, when the phone it­self is still a ra­dio phone. That would rock.

I don’t have any pic­tures this year be­cause my cam­era gave up the ghost. I’ve got a freez­er full of fish and 4 pos­si­ble meals planned with oth­ers to help eat it all. Now that I’m back I have to jump back in­to Tremont stuff. We’ve got a hug neigh­bor­hood yard sale this week­end.

2 thoughts on “Canada 2005

  1. va­ca­tions need to be had more of­ten.

    glad to hear you gained your weight back.

    and wel­come back!


  2. Adam,

    Glad you had a great va­ca­tion in my home­land. Duluth is a hoot, did you say a freez­er full of fish­es? We have been wait­ing for you to have an al­ter­na­tive to Wal-Mart meet­ing. When ready send me a note. 

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