Garden State

I finally saw Garden State, and didn’t like it at all. I can forgive the sloppy editing, but for me the characters were all absolutely lifeless, and the story was like stale artificial sweetener. I think the movie inspired deadness in me because I in no way connected to the lives or problems of any of the characters. I’ve never been in love, so the love story seemed trite [perhaps this reason is why I don’t like romance movies], I’ve never been medicated with mood-adjusting chemicals, so I can’t connect there, I’ve never been estranged from my high school buddies, no connection there; I’ve never done drugs, no connection… And that is just superficially. Every main character seemed pasteboard cut-out high school freshmen. At least, if it is considered a coming-of-age story for a 26 year old then perhaps that is why it seemed like everyone was so immature to me. I grew up a long time ago. Maybe I’m just grouchy too. In any case, didn’t like the movie.

12 thoughts on “Garden State

  1. And I didn’t see it so much as coming of age as it was that sometimes you have to go home again to really break free from all the baggage you thought you left behind.

  2. Man, I keep telling you, you really like to at-least-pretend to like romantic (and romantic comedies) movies in order to get a chicky 😉
    Go rent ‘Say Anything’
    The ladies will flock

  3. such a curmudgeon.
    I’ve never been in love, proper, and I still liked the movie a lot. And other movies with love stories. Gives that illusion of hope.

    And while I grew up in the many ways these characters had not yet, I see many people my age or older who have not grown up that way yet. (sad, yes.)

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