Pierre Foods Two-Fers: 2 Char-Broils with Cheese

Another vis­it to the Pierre Foods kitchen to­day at the vendy. I got 2 Char-Broils with Cheese for $1.50. Total weight: 4.8 ounces. Unfortunately I could not find the ex­act same item on the Pierre Foods site. Instead I’ve linked to the clos­est one. No nu­tri­tion­al in­for­ma­tion avail­able, un­for­tu­nate­ly.

This item is nuked in the mi­crowave for 30 sec­onds and is then con­sid­ered ful­ly cooked. The pat­ties were match­box-sized bits of grey­ish meatish sub­stance. The kind of stuff we called “kan­ga­roo meat” in col­lege. One nor­mal slice of amer­i­can cheese was siamesed be­tween the “char-broils” in a dis­play of cheap­ness that ri­vals my own miser­ly na­ture. The buns were sesame seed, hard as a high-school stiffy be­fore cook­ing and soft and wet like a sod­den in­fant-chewed stuffed an­i­mal af­ter be­ing in the mi­crowave. Whatever those sand­wich­es were made from, I don’t think it was food.

They were still bet­ter than White Castle slid­ers though.

3 thoughts on “Pierre Foods Two-Fers: 2 Char-Broils with Cheese

  1. I’ve no­ticed that you are rather fond of that vend­ing ma­chine at work…

    Are you try­ing to give your­self a coro­nary? 😛

  2. Adam,

    I some­how lost your link in my blog roll — don’t know how that hap­pened  — my faux pas 

    Anyhow hope all is well with you…

    As ever,

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