Pierre Foods Two-Fers: 2 Char-Broils with Cheese

Another visit to the Pierre Foods kitchen today at the vendy. I got 2 Char-Broils with Cheese for $1.50. Total weight: 4.8 ounces. Unfortunately I could not find the exact same item on the Pierre Foods site. Instead I’ve linked to the closest one. No nutritional information available, unfortunately.

This item is nuked in the microwave for 30 seconds and is then considered fully cooked. The patties were matchbox-sized bits of greyish meatish substance. The kind of stuff we called “kangaroo meat” in college. One normal slice of american cheese was siamesed between the “char-broils” in a display of cheapness that rivals my own miserly nature. The buns were sesame seed, hard as a high-school stiffy before cooking and soft and wet like a sodden infant-chewed stuffed animal after being in the microwave. Whatever those sandwiches were made from, I don’t think it was food.

They were still better than White Castle sliders though.

3 thoughts on “Pierre Foods Two-Fers: 2 Char-Broils with Cheese

  1. I’ve noticed that you are rather fond of that vending machine at work…

    Are you trying to give yourself a coronary? 😛

  2. Adam,

    I somehow lost your link in my blog roll – don’t know how that happened – my faux pas

    Anyhow hope all is well with you…

    As ever,

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