Swenson’s Drive-In

I had lunch at Swenson’s Drive-In in Seven Hills. It was unlike Kunkel’s Drive-in in Connersville, they didn’t have the old boxes to call inside, instead you turn on your lights. The carhops run to and from the vehicles, I imagine they stay in good shape doing this. One of the carhops looked like she was probably a competitive runner. I got burgers. Part of my quest to find a decent hamburger in Cleveland.

I got a Galley Boy Basket with onion rings instead of fries and coleslaw, another Galley Boy and a Chocolate Milkshake. The burgers were like J’s Dairy Inn in Liberty, good, but not fantastic. The Galley Boy is sauced with barbecue and something else. The buns are lightly toasted. You can’t really compare the burgers to Heck’s since they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, neither fitting the perfect burger criteria. Still, it is good to know there is a decent drive-in relatively close-by. Next Stop: Stevenson’s.

9 thoughts on “Swenson’s Drive-In

  1. i like swensons for fast food. they used to have just guys be the car hops (at least in kent). Girls were car hops at the A&W down the street.

    There seems to be more drive-in restaurants in the akron area than cleveland. In addition to Swensons and A&W, there’s Skyway and maybe another place.

  2. If you ever find a good burger in Cleveland, let us know here. I haven’t found a great one yet, but decent ones at Bass Lake Tavern in Chardon, Fisher’s Tavern in Mayfield Village and Meximillian’s in Mentor (at least they taste like meat).

  3. We are always on the search for the Best Burger in Cleveland. it seems though, if one goes by awards, that Cleveland has a big self confidence issue with it’s burgers.

  4. I assume by “we” you mean someone other than me, since I already know you make the best veggie burger in town.

  5. Swensons puts brown sugar in their meat. Their burgers are perfect with a spot of ketchup and relish. I’ve never had a better burger in Ohio.

    We did Red Robin the other night…but I think the best thing about that place is bottomless baskets of french fries. My burger was pretty good, though.

  6. Shalom Adam,

    I’ve been told that the burgers at Eat At Joe’s at the corner of Mayfield and Green (It’s actually at the back of the CVS) are pretty good.

    The burgers at Brennan’s Colony on Lee road are good too.

    Hmmm… Sounds like a blog challenge 10 burgers in five days? Could be fun.



  7. I cannot imagine a better tasting cheeseburger than those you get from Swensons. I suppose I believe you when you say you’ve had better, but man is that hard to swallow.

  8. Yes, I’m still alive, and still reading. I have to agree with Kurtiss up there…I dig the plain old cheeseburger at swenson’s, extra pickles and ketchup. Yum. Pair that with their tater tots with cheese filling and you have instant hangover cure.


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