Talking Points

I’m a bit too spread around at the moment to come up with nice, thick and chewy weblog entries for further mastication. Thoughts still burble up but I don’t seem to have time to fatten them up. I’m going to list a few here in rough form for later exercise.

• While brain drain is a problem, I’d like to find some Cleveland job opportunities that don’t stick young enthusiastic folks like myself in boring, unengaging jobs that require little thought, less action and no creativity.

† I need new boots, sneakers, and running shoes. I also decided to start doing situps and pushups in the mornings before my shower so I don’t have to take a shower in the evening unless I go running. That didn’t work so well this morning as many guys will most likely understand.

‡ I think many of my self-esteem and self-confidence issues have to do with my family’s lifelong apparent lack of confidence in my ability to do things just fine thank you, without needing supervision or checking in.

§ Humans are meant to be holistically active, not tubeworms.

¿ I want more agency in my life.

¤ Apparently I’m kind of bummed about something. Probably because I’ve not gotten any in a while.

¡ My redesign is driving me batty because it won’t display properly in IE, no matter what I try and it is only superficially different than my Tremonter site, which displays just fine.

6 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. how do you get more agency in life?

    Well that is easy, you just have to take it. Figuring out how to take it is a bit harder.

  2. That didn’t work so well this morning as many guys will most likely understand.

    Couldn’t you have found any way to… alleviate the problem?

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