Adventures in Tremont

I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out at the local ice cream place. I killed a couple of hours there early Friday evening, shooting the shit with the folks that work there and a couple more hours yesterday, where one of the workers directed me to the site of her semi-​nude photos. [!] I think I know everyone that works there by name now. In between these dairy discussions I spent a few hours grilling dogs and burgers for my Auburn Block club, where I met Scott Radke and his wife Sara and baby daughter, Bella. Scott is the dude responsible for most of the outdoor art that can be found in Tremont. On Saturday evening, after I warshed off the grill smell I went to another party which culminated in drunken truth-​or-​dare Jenga and street-​licking. I thought I had a good dare “Pick two more dares”, but another partygoer came up with the dare “Knock over the Jenga tower.” Which, I believe, has now had its jersey retired. Knocking over the Jenga tower means you have to do 3 more dares. It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood was having a little get-​together on Saturday. Even stumbling home at 2:15am I still ran into people I knew, stumbling in the opposite direction. That was a pretty cool feeling. Or maybe I was just drunk.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Tremont

  1. scott and sara are real fine people.

    sara is having a art auction to benefit her dance team (morrison dance) this saturday the 30th of july. it should be alot of fun, food/​drink with a dance performance thrown in.

    the details i posted below..

    What: Silent art auction & party to benefit MorrisonDance

    When: Saturday, July 30th, 2005
    Art auction & party from 8 – 10pm (no guest limit)
    Showing of raw dance materials at 7pm (limit 20 guests)
    RSVP requested for dance showing only: benefit@​morrisondance.​com

    Where: 4201 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113
    Free parking at 4242 Lorain Avenue, courtesy of the City of Cleveland.

    Why: Fun, fun, fun, and fun(ds) for our upcoming season

    Spirits provided by 806 Wine and Martini Bar & Three Olives Vodka
    Delectable treats served up by Tremont & Ohio Cit restaurants
    Music by UP Ensemble
    Dance by MorrisonDance co. members Heather Baur, Sarah Morrison, Maree
    ReMalia, & Kalindi Stockton

    Artwork available to the highest bidder provided by:
    Al Fuchs, Meg Garbincus, Bridget Ginley, Linda Goik, Amy Halko (TX,
    Hill, Timothy Herron, George Kocar, Michael McNamara, Dragon Dirk
    Malesovic, Rosemary Marincil, Emily Moes, Ken Motz, Louis Muenz, Elisa
    Poirier, Scott Radke, Alicia A. Ross, Michael Timothy Sawyer, Robert
    Stockham, Colin Toke, Gisela Towner, Matt Tripepi, Douglas Max Utter,
    Venable (PA), Jennifer Whitten, Mike Zellers – for links to
    artist’s websites, visit

    How much?
    $10 bucks gets you in
    you decide how much for the new artwork to take home with you!

    Details & more at http://​www​.MorrisonDance​.com

  2. Hey, Thanks Lou, I’ll put that up on Tremonter. Has it been publicized? I don’t think I’ve seen anything about it.

  3. adam,
    there are flyer-​cards around tremont (edisons for sure).
    the benefit is on lorain & 42 but sara & scott live in tremont and have been a big part of the neighborhood for years..

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