Cleveland Fireworks

Being bred a Hoosier, 4th of July fireworks in Indiana typically aren’t anything all that impressive. Most of the cool ones are illegal, so my childhood was filled with those little snappy buggers and those growing snake thingys, with a wimpy fountain thrown in now and then. As I grew older, my uncle and cousin would purchase some of the mortar-​like jobbies and 4th of July celebrations perked up a bit over homemade ice cream. Cleveland fireworks on the other hand…

Last night I was sitting on my back porch, watching fireworks burst and pop over they Cuyahoga River valley. I was surrounded by them and it was amazing. The fireworks nitre-​smell floated over from my neighbors who were chucking rockets into the air all crazy-​like, Slavic village was having a grand old time…it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. And so, while I might appear to have a bit more hay in my hair than usual, I’m terribly thankful to have been witness to the show last evening, and for a little moment, refeeling that childlike glow of wonder at marvellous firecrackery.

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