Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle

I’ve been defeated by a mere cucumber! Well, not perhaps mere. The Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle, made by Kaiser Foods in Cincinnati, OH [no website] is a dangerous adversary. The pickle, which I’m assuming weighed in at just less than one pound, came in a plastic bag and was sitting in its own brine. It cost one dollar and had a total of 5 calories. It also had 1050mg of sodium, or 44% of the RDA. The bag explicitly states that it contains one pickle. By gum, its a mankiller. I didn’t finish it. It was like licking the ground of the Great Salt Lake and washing it down with some Dead Sea water. Bleargh. Everything tastes like salt now and my chest is burning.

8 thoughts on “Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle

  1. The meatball sandwich? It looks uh, not so good…try the chopped steak with A-​1 sauce. But then again, the not so good makes for good reading.

  2. I really love your pickle’s, I had my first taste of them at a movie theather. Is there a place where I can purchase a jar of them They are the best I have ever had.


    Laura Biggar
    San Antonio, Texas

  3. I am assisting the youth directors in my church and our first goal is to purchase a youth van. How can I purchase wholesale with your company? I love these pickles and have since I was a little girl. I was so amazed to find them individually wrapped and still with the same great taste. I would love to sell your product to help the youth in my church aim towards reaching their goal.

  4. I just got one from our vending machines at work. It had to have been been the most discusting thing I have ever tried to eat. Its just like the gentlemen previously said, Its like biting into a salt block. Could not eat anymore after 2 bites. Can not recommend at all. Really bad.

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