Mean Note

In the tradition of Maddox and Found, I bring you this hybrid of both, which ended up on the windshield of my car this past Saturday at the WSM.


Now, the reason this is so funny is that when I parked my car there were no other cars in the surrounding spaces. So unless that person’s car was invisible, I couldn’t have hit it. And if that person’s car was invisible, they should be glad I didn’t crush it under my Oldsmobile. My car, while it looks crappy, gets about 30mpg and will be good for another 130k miles. There. I have defended its honor.

5 thoughts on “Mean Note

  1. when living in my first apt., i was seriously harassed by a guy who thought i hit his car in the apt.‘s parking lot. (i was gone all day, so there was no possible way it was me.) anyway, upon entering my apt., he comes charging at me (i think he was on something too) and starts yelling at me and lynds about having hit his car. he was raging quite a bit. i froze, while lynds had more balls and told him off a bit. anyway, he ends up spitting on our door (massive streaks) and leaves shoes with poop on them in front of our door. there may have been other things, but i have blocked them out of my memory.
    it was SCARY!

    i pray the note is all you get. 😉

  2. Adam,

    I just love reading about your daily crisis, the way you handle it is so sane and logical…I love your blog, I hope it continues to delight for a long time

  3. I’m a bit disappointed in you, Adam.
    In the given context “idiot” is a title and should therefore be capitalized. “Thanks” is either a noun, (in which case “for hitting my car” describes the purpose of said “thanks,” so “thanks for hitting my car” is a subject lacking a verb) or a verb with an unidentified third person subject and unknown direct object (example: “Joe thanks Sue for hitting my car.”).

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