Mother Visit

I had a long and busy weekend since my mom was in town. I managed to finally get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we had a great dinner at Parallax, my corn plant was divided and repotted, so now my cage cube is a bit nicer. She also helped me sand my kitchen table. I’m refinishing it, and excessive humidity from this weekend is making it take forever for the stain to dry. Hopefully I’ll be able to put on a second coat this afternoon. Then, three coats of polyurethane, and it will be in impressive condition for my upcoming dinner party. I picked up two oak t-back chairs as well, they’ll need refinished eventually too. They were 30 bucks a pop, I wouldn’t have paid that for them, but mom bought ’em. Other than that I managed to keep her from spoiling me. It was nice to hang out with her, especially since I hadn’t seen her in months. I wish the weather would have been a bit nicer so she could’ve enjoyed her hotel’s outdoor pool.