Parallax is one of Tremont’s newest restaurants. I had the privilege of eating there this evening. While the prices are up there, the quality of the food is worth every penny. Full review past the jump.

I started out with a Saketini, which is basically a martini with sake and a lemon twist. It tasted like strong lemony sake, if you can believe that. For my appetizer I had steamed mussels in a coconut broth with mixed peppers. My main course was grilled swordfish with Kalamata olives and roasted tomatoes on a bed of creamy risotto with double blanched garlic. My dessert was vanilla bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and berry compote. It filled me up perfectly and I ate every bite. The waitstaff was helpful and unobtrusive, my food arrived promptly and I got free matches. Next time I’m going to have to try their sushi, it sounds like it will be out of this world.

2 thoughts on “Parallax

  1. adam,
    i’m drunk.


    and i had sushi tonight.

    i’m glad you had a yummy dinner too.

    if you have their sushi, let me know how it tastes.

    i can’t believe i’m on teh computer.

    ahh, i’m a geek!

    rock n roll baby, rocknroll!


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