Rain Running

I took a run last night at around 8 and got caught in the rainstorm about 1/3 of the way through. It was awesome. I’ve always loved running in the rain, all you have to concentrate on then is how much you hurt, no need to worry about how hot you are. The first few drops started their splattering while I was creaking up Scranton from the Flats. I started muttering “C’mon! C’mon!” to myself wanting a good downpour. I got a little wet, but the downpour didn’t start until I got to the W 14th street bridge. Of course, that is when I started grinning like a damn fool and running a bit faster. I turned around at Clark Avenue and started whooping and hollering because it was raining so happily. I’m in pretty much the worst shape of my life, but I didn’t feel that way last night. The only downside to running in the rain is that your shoes get soaked and weigh about 20 pounds apiece. But that is only if you stop paying attention to the rain.

One thought on “Rain Running

  1. I got stuck on my bike in the hurricane last night. It felt good, but dodging the downed trees and power lines on the way home was wretched.

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