Rain Running

I took a run last night at around 8 and got caught in the rain­storm about 1/3 of the way through. It was awe­some. I’ve always loved run­ning in the rain, all you have to con­cen­trate on then is how much you hurt, no need to wor­ry about how hot you are. The first few drops start­ed their splat­ter­ing while I was creak­ing up Scran­ton from the Flats. I start­ed mut­ter­ing “C’mon! C’mon!” to myself want­i­ng a good down­pour. I got a lit­tle wet, but the down­pour didn’t start until I got to the W 14th street bridge. Of course, that is when I start­ed grin­ning like a damn fool and run­ning a bit faster. I turned around at Clark Avenue and start­ed whoop­ing and hol­ler­ing because it was rain­ing so hap­pi­ly. I’m in pret­ty much the worst shape of my life, but I didn’t feel that way last night. The only down­side to run­ning in the rain is that your shoes get soaked and weigh about 20 pounds apiece. But that is only if you stop pay­ing atten­tion to the rain.

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  • I got stuck on my bike in the hur­ri­cane last night. It felt good, but dodg­ing the downed trees and pow­er lines on the way home was wretched.

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