Running Racing and Ruminating

I’ve been doing pretty good on the running front this summer. At least, I’ve kept with it, despite not really having a regular schedule. Finally, this week, I found my stride again. I’ve also managed to start running for longer periods, I’m now up to 45 minutes with ease. Now, I plan on running a marathon before I turn 30, so if I get a bit of fire lit under my ass this year from running, I’ll probably start seriously training. I’m running in two upcoming 5ks, the Billy Bass Run to Help in August, and the Race for the Cure in October. It is somewhat strange though, while running is slowly putting me back in semblance of shape, I think it is wearing my gimp knee out. Either that or the age of the injury is starting to show itself. I believe I am starting to develop a slight but permanent limp. It isn’t slowing me down at all, but I think I’m rocking back and forth a bit more than usual when I walk. I also got some catcalls and whistles while running down West 25th yesterday. I’m used to getting heckled while running, thankfully the ‘Run Forrest Run’ days are long past, but getting ogled while running is something new.

6 thoughts on “Running Racing and Ruminating

  1. not to take pleasure in your forrest gump heckling, but i am glad to hear that it is not just me that gets screamed at while exercising.

    what is wrong with people in this state? i never experienced this in either nyc or chicago.

    congratulations on moving into the world of catcalls and whistles, however. better than barking, i reckon. 😛

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