Running Racing and Ruminating

I’ve been do­ing pret­ty good on the run­ning front this sum­mer. At least, I’ve kept with it, de­spite not re­al­ly hav­ing a reg­u­lar sched­ule. Finally, this week, I found my stride again. I’ve al­so man­aged to start run­ning for longer pe­ri­ods, I’m now up to 45 min­utes with ease. Now, I plan on run­ning a marathon be­fore I turn 30, so if I get a bit of fire lit un­der my ass this year from run­ning, I’ll prob­a­bly start se­ri­ous­ly train­ing. I’m run­ning in two up­com­ing 5ks, the Billy Bass Run to Help in August, and the Race for the Cure in October. It is some­what strange though, while run­ning is slow­ly putting me back in sem­blance of shape, I think it is wear­ing my gimp knee out. Either that or the age of the in­jury is start­ing to show it­self. I be­lieve I am start­ing to de­vel­op a slight but per­ma­nent limp. It isn’t slow­ing me down at all, but I think I’m rock­ing back and forth a bit more than usu­al when I walk. I al­so got some cat­calls and whis­tles while run­ning down West 25th yes­ter­day. I’m used to get­ting heck­led while run­ning, thank­ful­ly the ‘Run Forrest Run’ days are long past, but get­ting ogled while run­ning is some­thing new.

6 thoughts on “Running Racing and Ruminating

  1. not to take plea­sure in your for­rest gump heck­ling, but i am glad to hear that it is not just me that gets screamed at while ex­er­cis­ing.

    what is wrong with peo­ple in this state? i nev­er ex­pe­ri­enced this in ei­ther nyc or chica­go.

    con­grat­u­la­tions on mov­ing in­to the world of cat­calls and whis­tles, how­ev­er. bet­ter than bark­ing, i reck­on. 😛

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