Stevenson’s Hamburgers in Euclid

In my ongo­ing quest [pre­vi­ous reviews: Heck’s; Swenson’s] to find the best burg­er in Cleve­land, I took a trip out to Euclid with Five Dol­lar Beer last night to check out Stevenson’s Ham­burg­ers. We learned about this place from the hon­or­able Food­Goat. This was a damn good ham­burg­er, def­i­nite­ly the win­ner from the three burg­er-cen­tric places I’ve been so far. Damned inex­pen­sive too, which makes this cheap bas­tard quite hap­py.

With light traf­fic I’d esti­mate that Stevenson’s is a twen­ty minute dri­ve from down­town Cleve­land. The restau­rant is shoe­box sized and dim, with an unas­sum­ing neon sign that sim­ply says “HAMBURGERS.” It is the kind of place where you come out with every­thing smelling like a greasy ham­burg­er, because you watch every ham­burg­er get made. In short, the burg­er joint feng shui is in full effect, and that was even before I looked at the menu. The Lit­tle Guy: Sin­gle Cheese­burg­er; The Big Guy: Dou­ble Cheese­burg­er; a steak burg­er and a turkey burg­er were their only burg­er choic­es. Excel­lent. I’d men­tioned to Patrick on the ride over that if I had a burg­er place it would have about 4 kinds of burg­ers on it and that would be it. Grant­ed, there was stuff on the oth­er page under the head­ing “Sand­wich­es” but I didn’t go to Stevenson’s for a nam­by-pam­by BLT.

They had a great selec­tion of beer and soda pop from both sides of the aisle. I got a Big Guy, a dou­ble cheese­burg­er that comes with a sim­ple but tasty mayo sauce and shred­ded let­tuce. The Big Guy is $4.50. I dropped anoth­er 50 cents and got a slice of toma­to on it as well. I also got an order of unas­sum­ing onion rings for $1.75 and a Stewart’s Orange & Cream Soda for 65¢. Stevenson’s doesn’t charge tax, so my whole stuffed to the gills meal round­ed out at $7.35. That’s say­ing some­thing, con­sid­er­ing I was the one stuffed to the gills.

This burg­er wants to col­lapse upon itself. I did a ser­vice to the NEO region by chow­ing down on it, because, if left alone, its grav­i­ta­tion­al field would have like­ly cre­at­ed a small black hole. This is one of those burg­ers where you won­der if there is going to be enough bun left to make a dig­ni­fied fin­ish to the thing, or whether you’re going to have to go all “hand­fuls-of-meat cave­man-style” to down it. I did end up pick­ing up some errant chunks of near­ly uniden­ti­fi­able goo on my plate. I didn’t mind the onion rings, they could’ve had a bit more onion in them, but I thought they were tasty enough. This place brought back col­lege mem­o­ries of CJ’s [still the best burg­er I’ve ever had] and Stevenson’s could prob­a­bly give CJ’s a run for their mon­ey if they didn’t use pre­made pat­ties. That’s the only real beef I have with the place.

Thus, Stevenson’s is a no-non­sense burg­er joint that serves a god­damn good burg­er at a god­damn good price. Any time I’ve got a han­ker­ing for a burg­er I’ll prob­a­bly head out that­away. Unless one of upcom­ing places ends up serv­ing up some­thing bet­ter.

Once FDB moves to NYC I’ll need anoth­er cohort to accom­pa­ny me on these burg­er quests. If you’re down for it, let me know.

Future stops on the quest:
Whitey’s Booze and Burg­ers
Spoto’s Bar and Grill
Meximillian’s in Men­tor
Bass Lake Tav­ern
Fisher’s Tav­ern
Eat At Joe’s
Brennan’s Colony
and any­thing I missed from here.

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  • i’ll go with you.

    nemeth and i were sup­posed to have a burg­er eat­ing con­test at city grille a few months back, but i think he chick­ened out. 😛

    bear­dens is close to my house. i’ve rid­den my bike by there and been total­ly intrigued by the smell of cook­ing meat waft­ing out the open front door.

    now if only there were a cul­vers some­where in ohio…home of the butterburgers…but i guess i’ll have to wait for the next trip back to the chica­go burbs for that one…

  • Best burg­er ever? Hum ! Had to be Kroll’s in Green Bay where for years the dairy indus­try for­bid the sale of apple pies with­out cheese…well at Kroll’s you get a deli­cious burg­er with a pat of real butter…totally sin­ful wrapped in brown butch­er paper, it drips sin and taste like heav­en.

  • Mmm­mm burg­er. I would be more that will­ing to help you deter­mine if a burg­er joint is wor­thy of best in Cleve­land.

    Oh you can cross off Brennan’s Colony and Eat at Joes.
    Brennan’s burg­er was bor­ing- it didn’t even come close to falling apart.

    Again, glad you like Stevenson’s- I wouldn’t say it was the best unless I tru­ely believed it 🙂
    Best in Cleve­land.

  • best burg­er hunt, eh? it’s a shame you weren’t in town for shorty’s, an old flats insti­tu­tion that is long gone. best burg­er in cleve­land his­to­ry, hands down.

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