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I was re­watch­ing This is Spinal Tap for the first time in about a decade last evening, and this time around I kept think­ing, “Electric Six to­tal­ly re­minds me of these guys.” The whole movie took on a new light for me, con­sid­er­ing the fact that I was 14 when I last saw it, hadn’t been to a con­cert since The Beach Boys four or five years be­fore that, was just be­gin­ning to lis­ten to rock oth­er than stuff from the six­ties, and ba­si­cal­ly just wasn’t self-aware enough to ap­pre­ci­ate strange­ness.

Somewhere along the line I caught up with most folks and what a glo­ri­ous day it was when I could men­tion a band to my bud­dy Phil that he hadn’t heard of be­fore. I’ve still got gap­ing-goatse cul­ture gaps, but I’m at least savvy enough to fake it when I have to.

6 thoughts on “This Post is Blather

  1. speak­ing of bands…know any good ones? i think im due for a new band. ive been so deep in neil young late­ly i need some­thing new. rock on.

  2. in what ways does the elec­tric six (dance/​punk) re­mind you of the heavy met­al band “mock­u­ment­ed” on spinal tap?
    i’m a fan of this movie as well. there is a lo­cal rock band “amps II eleven” that got there name from that movie..


  3. I’ll do this in a McSweeney’s id­iom:

    Song Titles: Spinal Tap or Electric Six.

    Sex Farm
    Gay Bar
    Rock & Roll Creation
    Electric Demons in Love
    Rock & Roll Evacuation
    Future Is In The Future
    Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
    Big Bottom
    Be My Dark Angel

    I think be­cause they’re both so over the top too.

  4. Phil, late­ly I’ve been lis­ten­ing to The Faint, The Dears, Lateef and the Chief and La Caution. You might like The Dears, The Faint is pret­ty weird goth/​synthpop, Lateef and Chief XL is some good West Coast rap, and La Caution is French hip hop.

  5. yah, i wasn’t re­al­ly think­ing about their bizarre song ti­tles and lyrics.
    the last time i seen the elec­tric six (spring 2005) they opened up for VHS or be­ta and when VHS or be­ta took the stage, half of the packed grog shop crowd left..

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