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I was rewatching This is Spinal Tap for the first time in about a decade last evening, and this time around I kept thinking, “Electric Six totally reminds me of these guys.” The whole movie took on a new light for me, considering the fact that I was 14 when I last saw it, hadn’t been to a concert since The Beach Boys four or five years before that, was just beginning to listen to rock other than stuff from the sixties, and basically just wasn’t self-aware enough to appreciate strangeness.

Somewhere along the line I caught up with most folks and what a glorious day it was when I could mention a band to my buddy Phil that he hadn’t heard of before. I’ve still got gaping-goatse culture gaps, but I’m at least savvy enough to fake it when I have to.

6 thoughts on “This Post is Blather

  1. speaking of bands…know any good ones? i think im due for a new band. ive been so deep in neil young lately i need something new. rock on.

  2. in what ways does the electric six (dance/punk) remind you of the heavy metal band “mockumented” on spinal tap?
    i’m a fan of this movie as well. there is a local rock band “amps II eleven” that got there name from that movie..


  3. I’ll do this in a McSweeney’s idiom:

    Song Titles: Spinal Tap or Electric Six.

    Sex Farm
    Gay Bar
    Rock & Roll Creation
    Electric Demons in Love
    Rock & Roll Evacuation
    Future Is In The Future
    Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
    Big Bottom
    Be My Dark Angel

    I think because they’re both so over the top too.

  4. Phil, lately I’ve been listening to The Faint, The Dears, Lateef and the Chief and La Caution. You might like The Dears, The Faint is pretty weird goth/synthpop, Lateef and Chief XL is some good West Coast rap, and La Caution is French hip hop.

  5. yah, i wasn’t really thinking about their bizarre song titles and lyrics.
    the last time i seen the electric six (spring 2005) they opened up for VHS or beta and when VHS or beta took the stage, half of the packed grog shop crowd left..

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