Thursday Night Recap

I had a busy day yes­ter­day. After work, I put an­oth­er coat of polyurethane on my kitchen ta­ble, then went for a run, which end­ed up be­com­ing an ab­bre­vi­at­ed hill work­out. Abbreviated be­cause I bombed out ear­ly. I usu­al­ly run at around 8, not 4:30. When I got back and cooled off I made black­ened wall­eye with gar­lic-parme­san risot­to and pe­tite peas, watched De-Lovely, and then went to the Literary Café for some beers and shit-shoot­ing. I fi­nal­ly met the own­er and al­so one of the lo­cal gallery own­ers. One of these days I’m go­ing to have to do a Tremont pub crawl. Oh yeah, and af­ter I came back home I bust­ed out my cam­era, knocked the aper­ture wide open and whammed down the shut­ter speed so I could take some pic­tures of the full moon over the steel mill. Hopefully one of them will turn out.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Recap

  1. If you like Pub Crawls, did you ever do one in Lakewood? THat’s a way eas­i­er place to do one. Though the bars in Tremont are all walk­ing dis­tance (easy), it might not be so much so af­ter a few too many. The key is to think “If I fall on my face at Lincoln Park Pub, can I re­al­ly drag my­self to the Flying Monkey?” 😉

  2. At this point all I know is that Hotz’s will be last on the list. That way I on­ly have 100 yards or so to walk to get home.

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