Weirdest Dream Ever

I had a new weird dream last night. It took place in this pseudo-neo-gotham-trenchtown hybrid city; always night. and I was trying to catch up with this girl because she had some sort of information that was crucial for some sort of reason. Its one of those, “the person you are looking for is always flitting around the corner off in the distance” dreams for a while, then as I’m crawling over the glass roof of a greenhouse/warehouse, I slip in through a louvered window, clamber down some scaffolding, go outside, wake up the bum on a bench who happens to be the girl I was chasing. Then it turns out she is a traitor and I’m grabbed by some people who are trying to use me for some reason and keep attempting to drug me using a suppository except I’m too tight-assed for it to work. [WTF? I mean, I have weird dreams all the time but this one was fucked up even for me.] Whenever they take their attention away from me I escape. I end up underground in this horrible bombed-out third-world cesspool of strange diseases where people are killing each other just because they are vicious. I finally make my way to the surface, am extremely relieved to do so, and changed in some way. I’m trying to get my bearings and this street vendor comes up to me and we both say at the same time “The worst thing in the world is men killing men.” as if we’d both been through the same experience and were marked to each other in some way. The dream was going to continue where I was going to try to catch that girl again and find out why I was betrayed but I woke up and went to the pisser instead.

6 thoughts on “Weirdest Dream Ever

  1. Adam, are you laying on the sofa? I believe this dream was an extension of your past real-life rendezvous with the attractive young lady and the old Italian man in Tremont, which you blogged about. Do you remember them? I thought not, that’s why you need my help. Please make an appointment with my assistant on your way out…

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