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Some dude sent me an email saying he was having difficulty using the Tremonter forums. He said he was getting a “user already exists” error when trying to post. I thought I explained the difficulty quite well. He had registered an account and then tried to post without having logged in. The forum then asks […]

Inaugural not “First Annual”, You Commies.

With all the talk about the upcoming Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, I’ve had plenty of exposure to my greatest grammar pet peeve. I wouldn’t even have this almost psychopathic hatred of this common mistake if it weren’t for my high school communications and journalism teacher, Mr. Glowacki. There is no such thing as FIRST ANNUAL. The […]

Any Which Way You Can

I got zero sleep last night and no one likes my shirt today. Also, my bike tire is flat. Your challenge is to guess why I’m in a good mood when I’m not too tired to think.

Gunslinger Burritos

Okay, I stole the title for these from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, but that is beside the point. They were tasty enough and took less time to make than even spaghetti. About 15 minutes from lighting the oven to stuffing my face. What I used: 2 really really small pieces of sliced pork loin […]

Guinness in Tremont – For Science!

If you go over to Tremonter you can check out the progressively drunker reviews I did for all the places in Tremont that have Guinness on tap. This post links to all of ’em. I was alone for most of the tour, but Jeff Schuler caught up with me at The Treehouse. He’s a cool […]


we all say things we don’t mean   to mean until they are   said. the clouds over the switchgrass  swear they are just passin’ thru. today they are the only orators in Oz. Our words dissolved like a dusty  jackrabbit— too proud to lie in the rain.

The Vegetable Moussaka Experience

Last evening I made vegetable moussaka and strawberry shortcake for my friends. I’d never made or even had moussaka before, and I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. I think I’ll like it even better with spicy sausage or lamb in it, or maybe it just needed to be a […]

Another Weekend, Another Party

Back to the grindstone, although the weekend was pleasant. I took off work early on Friday and got my shopping done. I had a couple of girls over and we got drunk and had a pizza and played cards and just talked for awhile. Saturday I worked on my redesign in WordPress for awhile and […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

they say you are always an alcoholic always addicted to nicotine that after you cease smoking desist drinking each day starts from scratch and when you see someone else drinking or smoking or doing those things they do when they need a drink or smoke you get that itch in your gut or lips and […]

Tremont Tuesday

Last evening was the perfect evening to be outside. So I hopped on my bike for a nice leisurely ride, intending to explore Ohio City. I never made it out of Tremont. I ran into Lou Muenz, coming from the Lincoln Park Pub and their $1.25 taco night. We rode around the neighborhood a bit, […]

Pierre™ Foods Pizza Parlor Meatball Sub

Some weeks ago I had the Pierre™ Foods Pizza Parlor Meatball Sub [$2.05USD 1.65€] from the vendy. I didn’t review it at the time because the experience was still so freshly traumatic, so fraught, that it was the best I could do to lie in a puling mewling fetal position under my cubicle and moan […]


We all have music that reminds us of certain times in our lives. So here are my top five albums from High School, and the top five from Notre Dame. Also, what I associate them with.

150th ArtWalk

Last night was some sort of weird art nirvana in Tremont. For the 150th ArtWalk no punches were pulled. I started out at Inside-Outside where I ended up buying a small painting, then I headed over to the Scranton Gallery for some poetry readings, then I stopped by the park for some Summer Shakespeare, then […]

My Physical Deformities

Today I will describe, in minute detail, my various physical deformities. Drumroll, please. I have a slight limp in my left leg. My nose is crooked. The left side of my face is lower than the right side. My left eye is less open than my right eye. Sometimes I get long pubic-like nosehairs. I […]

Life Update

My old college buddy Liam and his wife Anne and their baby Moira were back in town last night. They moved to NYC back in January. I managed to have an Edmund Fitzgerald with Liam last night, and hopefully I’ll get to hang out with him again when they pass back through on Sunday. Patrick […]

Cidade de Deus

Grillions of people told me to watch this movie, Cidade de Deus, and while the plot didn’t do much for me [Brazilian Boyz in the Hood], the technical skill of the film was definitely impressive in a few ways. Structured in journalistic vignettes, the film tells us about Cidade de Deus [Rio’s Trenchtown] by charting […]


I found out yesterday that one of my good friends from high school lost a child. Poor guy recently got married to a wonderful girl, too.

Curse of the Laptop

I’ve been “working” on switching to WordPress and coming up with a nice redesign for a few months now. Working is in quotes of course, because every time I open up the CSS files I immediately lose all interest in cobbling everything together with duct tape, silicon caulk, spit and piano wire. I healthily place […]

Billy Bass Run for Help

Today I ran my first 5k in 2 or three years, the Billy Bass Run for Help. I’d link to the site, but the Greater Cleveland Red Cross is doing funky stuff to their website. I took it easy today and ran a 26:10. Not very good, but like I said, I didn’t run too […]

Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow is just like most reviews you’ve read of it. 100% pulp. Granted, it has that fanboyish nostalgia for the golden age of science fiction, and it works in the retroartdeco hipness that has been popping up lately, so pulp should be expected. Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs […]

Straw Dogs

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #182: Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs If ever there is a movie that fulfills the maxim “Beware the wrath of a quiet man” Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs [1971] [don’t miss the essay from a real film critic] is it. One of the many things Peckinpah does well […]


Baraka, a Sufi word somewhere in the neighborhood of “blessing” is vested with just about as much meaning as arete. So when I checked out Baraka [tons of screenshots] from the library, I expected a complicated movie. It is complicated in the fact that it is and isn’t complicated.

Dinner Party

I had a small dinner party on Saturday night. It successfully broke in my newly refinished table. I served a Lemon, Leek and Mushroom Risotto with Red Onion and Goat Cheese Pastries and Baked Apples for dessert. Wines served were Trimbach Alsacian Gewurtztrameiner, Caymus Conundrum and Woodbridge Pinot Grigio. I really liked the risotto, I’m […]