150th ArtWalk

Last night was some sort of weird art nirvana in Tremont. For the 150th ArtWalk no punches were pulled. I started out at Inside-Outside where I ended up buying a small painting, then I headed over to the Scranton Gallery for some poetry readings, then I stopped by the park for some Summer Shakespeare, then I went to the Ukrainian Museum for some egg decorating, then I stopped by the Literary Cafe for a beer, then I went to Brandt Gallery to see Robert Bank’s latest flick, then I went to Asterisk and Doubting Thomas and then back to Inside-Outside to watch Pet Monster and a little flirting. Then I hauled my ass across Tremont for approximately the 77th time and went to Pat’s in the Flats for Lou’s Birthday Bash where I heard some punk bands perform “sweet music to make my ears bleed”. Then I stumbled home and went to sleep.