Any Which Way You Can

I got ze­ro sleep last night and no one likes my shirt to­day. Also, my bike tire is flat. Your chal­lenge is to guess why I’m in a good mood when I’m not too tired to think.

10 thoughts on “Any Which Way You Can

  1. You hooked up with a smok­ing hot babe last night and that is why you were up all night. This all from a bike ride last night in which you got the flat tire. Then said hot­tie gave you a ride back to your place where you com­menced stay­ing up all night read­ing po­et­ry to each oth­er.

  2. My guess is al­so that some­body fixed your wag­on last night. It’s the on­ly ac­cept­able rea­son for be­ing in a good mood on a Monday.

  3. Simple — you are in a good mood be­cause you are not 6′ un­der­ground. Nobody likes to wake-up dead — es­pe­cial­ly on a Monday.


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