Curse of the Laptop

I’ve been “working” on switching to WordPress and coming up with a nice redesign for a few months now. Working is in quotes of course, because every time I open up the CSS files I immediately lose all interest in cobbling everything together with duct tape, silicon caulk, spit and piano wire. I healthily place all the blame for this on my laptop. Without a huge monitor and optical scroll-bar three button mouse and ergonomic keyboard, I just don’t have the patience to sit on my ass in front of a computer for hours. Because that is what I do at work all day. Instead I have to do terrible things like watch Lost Tales of the Formicans at the Liminis, run a 5k, ride my new bike for a couple of hours or consider getting my hands on some art supplies for no particular reason [i can’t draw, have never painted and certainly can’t afford metal sculpture equipment]. Yep, it truly is a shame that I keep coming up with better things to do than wrestle with an errant <div> tag.

2 thoughts on “Curse of the Laptop

  1. i hear ya. I’d love to spend more time working on my blog design or writing, but I, too, spend my day in front of a computer. And laptops seem to encourage flitting around the internet, not major projects.

  2. We’re working on WordPress too – just new to it actually, so let us know about any great insights you come across, that way we won’t have to the work ourselves šŸ˜‰ And thanks for the welcome!

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