Guinness in Tremont – For Science!

If you go over to Tremonter you can check out the progressively drunker reviews I did for all the places in Tremont that have Guinness on tap. This post links to all of ’em. I was alone for most of the tour, but Jeff Schuler caught up with me at The Treehouse. He’s a cool guy, just moved to Tremont a few weeks back and lives on W. 11th. He gave Steve Goldberg a ring, but he was busy getting his hands done at the Literary Café. I’ve finally found a good place to toss darts in the neighborhood. The Starkweather has excellent real dartboards. I do think at times I drifted away of my true purpose, the scientific study of Guinness and instead I scientifically studied the girls. I hope my experiments didn’t muddle up each other’s results. I’m not much of a drinker, 8 pints in 6 hours had me pretty well sauced, and if I keep up the tour of all the local bars in Tremont, I might need that extra liver that Jaclyn offered me last week.