Gunslinger Burritos

Okay, I stole the title for these from Stephen King’s Dark Tow­er series, but that is beside the point. They were tasty enough and took less time to make than even spaghet­ti. About 15 min­utes from light­ing the oven to stuff­ing my face.

What I used:

2 real­ly real­ly small pieces of sliced pork loin
1 can of black beans
2 cups of corn
grat­ed ched­dar cheese

What I did:

I drained and rinsed the beans and poured ‘em in a pot and then sea­soned them with cumin and chili pow­der and cayenne pep­per and a lit­tle bit of cilantro, stirred em up real well and cooked and mashed the dev­il out of ‘em. Mean­while I had the corn cook­ing as well. I seared my superthin pork loin and then chopped it, tossed it back in, sea­soned it with more chili pow­der and cumin and a tiny bit of cin­na­mon and kept it cook­ing. I had about two min­utes to kill so I grat­ed some cheese. Then I mashed the dev­il out of the beans some more. I don’t know how to make refried beans, but this looked like it at least. Every­thing was done at this point so I spread it on some tor­tillas, poured a lit­tle sal­sa on ‘em and dug in. This meal rates quite high on the bach­e­lor scale of home cook­ing. It will prob­a­bly make about four nor­mal sized bur­ri­tos but I only got 2.5 out of mine.

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  • sounds like refried beans to me! 🙂
    Yea, that’s how I’d make them. Cook up some beans, smash’em up, flip them a few times with a spat­u­la, mix­ing in the fried-up bits (adding either water or oil as need­ed). I think the only dif­fer­ence is that I add epa­zote (avail­able dried at urban herbs in the WSM)..a pinch of that real­ly enchances the fla­vor of black beans.

    Sounds excel­lent!

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