Life Update

My old college buddy Liam and his wife Anne and their baby Moira were back in town last night. They moved to NYC back in January. I managed to have an Edmund Fitzgerald with Liam last night, and hopefully I’ll get to hang out with him again when they pass back through on Sunday. Patrick and his wife are going to be moved to NYC once September hies hither. All of my friends are moving from Cleveland to NYC, and I did the opposite. Heh. So I’m trying to make some new friends around here so I don’t bug the few I have left to death. So Tuesday night I had a couple of Tremonter’s that are my age over for dinner and some three person euchre and this cool game called Pick Two. So that’s a good start. I’m still most likely to go hang out with people 10 to 15 years my senior though. That’s so weird. In other mundane news I have realized I no longer have any necessity purchases to make for my current lifestyle. Now that I have a table AND chairs, my apartment feels complete and I’m content to just lay around on my ass and read when I’m not roving the neighborhood or running my knee into pumice. I’m pretty content. I don’t even have a great need to find myself a woman, and that is definitely atypical. Must be fumes from the steel mill.