Life Update

My old col­lege bud­dy Liam and his wife Anne and their ba­by Moira were back in town last night. They moved to NYC back in January. I man­aged to have an Edmund Fitzgerald with Liam last night, and hope­ful­ly I’ll get to hang out with him again when they pass back through on Sunday. Patrick and his wife are go­ing to be moved to NYC once September hies hith­er. All of my friends are mov­ing from Cleveland to NYC, and I did the op­po­site. Heh. So I’m try­ing to make some new friends around here so I don’t bug the few I have left to death. So Tuesday night I had a cou­ple of Tremonter’s that are my age over for din­ner and some three per­son eu­chre and this cool game called Pick Two. So that’s a good start. I’m still most like­ly to go hang out with peo­ple 10 to 15 years my se­nior though. That’s so weird. In oth­er mun­dane news I have re­al­ized I no longer have any ne­ces­si­ty pur­chas­es to make for my cur­rent lifestyle. Now that I have a ta­ble AND chairs, my apart­ment feels com­plete and I’m con­tent to just lay around on my ass and read when I’m not rov­ing the neigh­bor­hood or run­ning my knee in­to pumice. I’m pret­ty con­tent. I don’t even have a great need to find my­self a woman, and that is def­i­nite­ly atyp­i­cal. Must be fumes from the steel mill.

6 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. well, then you both need to come next sat­ur­day and play with amy and my­self if she comes.

    pre­pare for an ass whup­pin.

  2. heh, the on­ly per­son that can beat me at eu­chre is my grand­ma. she’s al­so the on­ly per­son who can beat me at scrab­ble, damn her.

  3. uh oh.

    i think you need to drop in so i can prop­er­ly kick your ass at both. i haven’t had a de­cent scrab­ble op­po­nent in years, and let’s just say eu­chre dom­i­na­tion runs in my blood (fa­ther is 4 time eu­chre cham­pi­on of ufcw lo­cal 880)

    do you dare? 😉

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