Tremont Tuesday

Last evening was the perfect evening to be outside. So I hopped on my bike for a nice leisurely ride, intending to explore Ohio City. I never made it out of Tremont. I ran into Lou Muenz, coming from the Lincoln Park Pub and their $1.25 taco night. We rode around the neighborhood a bit, caught sight of Steve Goldberg, and Lou told me lots about the history of Tremont. For instance, many of the shots from A Christmas Story were shot on Thurman street, and he told me the exact location of the house from the same movie. He introduced me to a couple of his friends who were chilling in the park and then I took off again for more riding. Of course, I almost immediately saw a sauced democracy guy who told me to meet him and George at the Southside for beers in a bit. To kill time I went to Scoops where I talked with the scoopers. Then I ran into Sandy who wanted me to put up a new forum topic on Tremonter for her Garden Club. After that I hit the Southside to meet up with George and Tim. They never showed up, but I watched a few innings of the Indians game and had a Nosferatu [which was too hoppy for me] and a Guinness. Then I rode my bike home.

6 thoughts on “Tremont Tuesday

  1. Shalom Adam,

    And did you remember to put the sign on your fridge?


    I’ll be at Metro Joe’s after 3 p.m. or so. Hope to see you there.



  2. Shalom Adam,

    Oh sure. Abandon your friends for some supposed female.

    sniff Have fun. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be OK, somehow. sniff



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