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Sin City

A review of Sin City with links to comparisons between shots in the movie and the graphic novels.

New Design, Again

So here is the new design I’ve been working on. I had lots to learn about PHP, but it seems to be working okay so far. None of the links on the side work yet, but if you notice anything else funktastic, please let me know. [Update] I’ll be updating it as the day progresses. […]


I’m feeling alot better today. Thanks for the empathy and prayers [you didn’t call mom, but i know you did that]. I went to Duck Island last night, which is a cool little bar that is like a living room, with couches and stuff and 50 games of pool. The folks there made me feel […]


Today I am feeling like I am a failure. I am also feeling frustrated. My job is unfulfilling and a dead end. My Cleveland friends have either moved away or my behavior has driven them away. I know virtually no one my age, and while I find it easy to talk to people I don’t […]

400 Lightbulbs

Charles “Choo Choo” Justice built Ohio’s only electric chair at the turn of the last century, a bright machine of seasoned hickory, stiff leather and the gunmetal smell of fear. Unlucky thirteen years later he was executed in the same chair. Here lies Chuck Justice, killed by irony. The best way to perform a humane […]

Lazy Labor Day

I had a long and unproductive weekend, but I did get quite a bit of exercise, counteracted by eating a few pints of ice cream. I managed to finish Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and I’m still processing it. One thing is for sure, Stephen King knows how to catch you up in his writing, […]

These days, people

 These days, people complain about “gas prices” and “poli tics” and how nothing makes they veins pump with flames except  “reality  television.”  That makes me  so mad. I want to shakem  like bad rat tles, dammit. I want to plug they noses with  Duracells to light that bulb   in they head.  Folks want others to […]

Event Overload

There is too much to do around here. Seriously. Things I would like to do this Labor Day weekend: Ingenuity Festival Taste of Cleveland Cleveland Air Show St. John Cantius Polish Festival Pat’s in the Flats 60th Anniversary Bash Notre Dame Game Watch at The Blind Pig I can probably manage to get to two […]