I’m feeling alot better today. Thanks for the empathy and prayers [you didn’t call mom, but i know you did that]. I went to Duck Island last night, which is a cool little bar that is like a living room, with couches and stuff and 50 games of pool. The folks there made me feel right at home and a few beers later I was right at home. Today is also payday, which means…I can pay my bills! I’m probably gonna hit up the ArtWalk tonight and pick up some pictures from Dodd camera, and hopefully, maybe, finish my redesign this weekend if I get motivated. I also got Sin City and Brazil from the library, so those will definitely be watched, along with the ND/Michigan game. I also need to buy some darts, so I can go to the Starkweather and Ducks Island and rehone my skills.

2 thoughts on “Darts

  1. hrm. i knew duck island was an area, but didn’t know it was a bar, as well. Kind of like a bar named Tremont 😉 That’s cool though. I assume it’s in Duck Island?

  2. Yep, and Duck Island is a part of Tremont. Sort of like the Clark bar is over on Clark, I guess. Their Guinness was terrible though.

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