I’m feel­ing alot bet­ter today. Thanks for the empa­thy and prayers [you didn’t call mom, but i know you did that]. I went to Duck Island last night, which is a cool lit­tle bar that is like a liv­ing room, with couch­es and stuff and 50 games of pool. The folks there made me feel right at home and a few beers lat­er I was right at home. Today is also pay­day, which means…I can pay my bills! I’m prob­a­bly gonna hit up the Art­Walk tonight and pick up some pic­tures from Dodd cam­era, and hope­ful­ly, maybe, fin­ish my redesign this week­end if I get moti­vat­ed. I also got Sin City and Brazil from the library, so those will def­i­nite­ly be watched, along with the ND/Michigan game. I also need to buy some darts, so I can go to the Stark­weath­er and Ducks Island and rehone my skills.

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  • hrm. i knew duck island was an area, but didn’t know it was a bar, as well. Kind of like a bar named Tremont 😉 That’s cool though. I assume it’s in Duck Island?

  • Yep, and Duck Island is a part of Tremont. Sort of like the Clark bar is over on Clark, I guess. Their Guin­ness was ter­ri­ble though.

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