Goldrush at Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, PA

Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh and saw Goldrush, a band I knew noth­ing about, at the Garfield Artworks. I sup­pose Goldrush is clas­si­fied as shoegaz­er, which de­spite the emo-es­que name, isn’t emo. [Thank Christ.] Also play­ing were Hopewell and a lo­cal band called Ennui [Their site ap­pears to be down], that I didn’t stay to lis­ten to.

It was a strange set since the lo­cal band went on last. I got to Pittsburgh a bit af­ter 8, but Goldrush hadn’t ar­rived yet, so I end­ed up down the street at Crazy Mocha, a cof­fee­house with free Wi-Fi and the best god­damn chai lat­te I’ve ever had. They closed about ten min­utes af­ter I got there though. When I made it back to the Garfield Artworks, Hopewell had just start­ed. The Artworks isn’t a very good venue for live mu­sic, it is long and nar­row, so the sounds get fun­neled and end up bounc­ing off of each oth­er. Hopewell did a good job set­ting up the stan­dard wall-of-sound, de­spite this acoustic odd­i­ty, and had added bonus­es of a high and qua­v­ery-voiced lead singer and some good minia­ture jam ses­sions. Goldrush was very good; you could eas­i­ly tell that each of their songs was fine­ly craft­ed, but they al­so weren’t bound to play­ing the songs in the same way. They def­i­nite­ly had fun do­ing their thing.

It is a shame, that with such good bands, the crowd was vir­tu­al­ly nonex­is­tent, about 5 peo­ple. More peo­ple showed up for the lo­cal band, Ennui [which for some rea­son played last, a fact worth men­tion­ing a sec­ond time] than lis­tened to ei­ther Hopewell or Goldrush. I did get three free stick­ers to add to my gui­tar case though. My first view of Pittsburgh, com­ing in on 279, was pret­ty awe­some: hills, hills, hills, hills, curve, Pittsburgh! It was dark out too, so the sky­line was pret­ty groovy. I al­so found my first grey [ac­tu­al­ly white] hair to­day. It is in my beard.

Link of the Day: Tons of free sci­ence fic­tion sto­ries, by good au­thors, thanks to MetaFilter.

4 thoughts on “Goldrush at Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. you men­tioned that you nev­er heard of the band but went to pitts­burgh for that show, what was your mo­ti­va­tion for the trip (just won­derin)?
    i lived in PGH 20+ years and that is the best route to take in the sky­line es­pe­cial­ly if you go through the “tubes” like the led zep­pelin movie “song re­mains the same” opens up with.
    as for the hills, cross coun­try run­ner jonathon williams called PGH hills the tough­est part of his 3000 mile run across the US this sum­mer..

    ps: i like the LIVE pre­view!

  2. A friend of mine want­ed to see ‘em so I tagged along. Yeah, I was think­ing what it would be like to go for runs in PGH and didn’t like what I saw. 🙂

  3. i’m ac­tu­al­ly in en­nui, the lo­cal band. bum­mer you didn’t stay. and yes, our web­site was down, but is now up and run­ning again. 


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